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I have a PSD image open and need to add text. Regardless of what font I select, it uses a different font and always that one. I need a particular font and I WANT TO SELECT it not have the program control my choices.

I have never had this happen before. CS6

What's wrong? How do I override this BS?

Try resetting the preferences file. It cures a lot of strange behavior in PS.

Start Photoshop and immediately hold down Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS X).

Then, click Yes to the message, "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?"
Thank you, I will do that just as soon as I see if I can find how to change the size of my add to cart button on my site. It seems to have become enormous without any input from me. Does anything ever work?
Still screaming at photoshop

OK, I'm getting really angry now. I have a gazillion t-shirts images to sign before the final mock up and the program will still not let me use the font I want. Which is the font I ALWAYS use.

I have reinstalled the program CS6 and I have to keep working but I don't know what else to do to get the font I want. I see it in the list, I have the correct size set and it still types in a hideous block letter font!

This problem is unique in the sense that I have never heard of it happening. Just to rule out anything you may be doing wrong, please list in exact detail the steps you are using to add the text to your project.

Are you sure that the font you wish to use is loaded into Ps?
Thank you John, I'm using CS6. I start with RGB files and eventually need to change them to CMYK for printing. Last night regardless of what I tried nothing allowed me to use my selected font.

And then it did.

I did nothing to make it happen. I didn't even close the image and reopen it which has never worked. And I really don't want to keep opening and closing images.

I find Adobe's site to be almost useless if the problem is unique as is this one.

Until the last week or 10 days I have never had this problem in all the gazillion years I've been using PS. I started with PS3.

There used to be a fee one could pay per year for the opportunity to email a question or series of questions and get answers back. I have no idea if that is still around, but would doubt it with this site having so many knowledgeable individuals helping.

So now... I ask here which is wonderful. It's just that no one has had this happen. I pick my font, it types in something else and I scream at it.

What I don't understand is how it can even choose a different font than the one I select.... I used to tell all my photography students that the more bells and whistles they had on a camera the more there was to go wrong. That was before digital and simple manual cameras with human settings were the best. Of course the human had to know how and what to set. That was my job to teach them.

I need to sign many other images today and am hoping this problem does NOT persist.

We will see.
Hi Starbird

Well the good news you have it working now.

Nothing worse then something that is intermittent. The bad news is that with intermittent problems, they have a tendency to come back.

I would suggest when you are not under as much stress, to go through the suggested steps in the help file and clear font caches etc. Alos in the long term you might want to consider upgrading from CS6. Since it is not longer supported by Adobe, more issues are likely to creep in especially when more OS upgrades occur.

You might also want to consider having your computer hardware tested out to make sure you don't have something going on as well. If you do find a problem, you will thank yourself later doing the grunt work in a down time rather than during a crisis phase that seem to come along in life occasionally.

Just a suggestion

John Wheeler
Now i am utterly confused

I have been posting that in CS6 the font Zapfino is typing in a different font. So I thought I would download it again... However ... in using the tester on a web site .. IT DID EXACTLY THE SAME THING...
Re: Now i am utterly confused

I just looked up the font and it is the same as what you are showing, are you sure you have the right font? You have written your text using uppercase letters, the lowercase ones look different, do you have caps-lock on by accident perhaps?
Hi Starbird
It sounds like you have something else going on with your system that configures the keyboard to be in CAPS LOCK only without the CAPS LOCK on. Hard to tell with the information you have provided me and you have not specified the system or OS that you are using.

Here is an example of an ASUS system that can be configured to have caps lock on through configuration. This is a long shot yet wanted to let you know that such issues exist:


John Wheeler
Re: Now i am utterly confused

I do not have cap locks on. I typed in the window with the font I selected, zapfino, but that is a different font that you see. It is not Zapfino.

I kept plowing along this evening and thought maybe I need to sign ONLY in PS as an RGB file and it worked ... for 2 images, then went back to the nonsense of typing in that awful block letter font.

Once or twice it typed in CMYK, but that's iffy as well. There is no rhyme or reason to what's happening. CS6 was reinstalled less than a week ago because the former installation was doing the same thing.

I know it's not me. I select the font. Type. See box letters. Highlight. Select a different font. Font changes. Reselect Zapfino and it goes back to block letters.

I was able to sign two images over the course of the entire day and evening. Two is not enough for a whole day. Unlike Apple, Adobe who has a thousand more reasons to provide tech support, doesn't.

I find that nasty and egregious.
HI Starbird

You have something else going on besides what is in Photoshop. Here is your image when viewing Zapfino and I overlayed the text "BONNIE" in all caps from Photoshop right below and ringed in blue. It matches the font you saw on line. So other than being in all caps, the font at least is correct.

Now, you may be using a different Glyph from that font (different hex code) yet now I am not sure what you expect to see since the font is correct.

You may want to start exploring system/keyboard setup issues as well.

John Wheeler

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Try this to see if it works. Go to Photoshop > Preferences > Type and then uncheck Enable Missing Glyph Protection.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 12.02.27 PM copy.png
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