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  1. wglogowski

    Using brushed that have been downloaded into PS library

    I download a set of brushed into my PS library. I can see the brushes but when I try to use any of them nothing happens. Can someone point me to a link on how to use them? FYI, I tried to drag them onto my work, click on them, ... Thank you Walter
  2. D


    I subscribe to creative cloud but infortunately CC doesnt offer the facility to save as dds. Does anyone know of a free legal CS2 download as I cant bring myself to pay twice. Thanks
  3. starbird

    PS not allowing me to select the font I want

    I have a PSD image open and need to add text. Regardless of what font I select, it uses a different font and always that one. I need a particular font and I WANT TO SELECT it not have the program control my choices. I have never had this happen before. CS6 What's wrong? How do I override this...
  4. N

    Remove Background

    Good morning everyone. New to the forum. I would just like to get my logo's background removed, because the white background screws it all. Thank you very much. PDF Download:
  5. Azulnauta

    Crop the machine

    Can someone just crop all the background? I only want the machine to work with. link to download:
  6. S

    where do i get these kind of shapes??

    Hello All I believe there is a custom shape like the screen shoot below somewhere i can download it , can someone advise me, please. many thanks in advance
  7. C

    Create Corrugated Fence in PhotoShop

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I would like to create a rusty looking corrugated fence (like in my image). I see where there are metal textures that you can download or create for PhotoShop but I want to know how to create a realistic fence using the corrugated steel texture. Thanks!
  8. E

    A free snowflakes template for Photoshop

    Hi there, In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to apply the snowflakes template that I created, on any winter photo that you take. You will also have the opportunity to download this template and use it however you want. Here is the YouTube tutorial: FREE SNOWFLAKES TEMPLATE Here is the...
  9. W

    HELP! Any website where i can download Free Stock Photos.

    Hello, I am looking for a website where i can download all free stock photos. help me out
  10. gedstar

    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    Well it looks like Adobe have changed their mind about direct download links for CC2015.5 products More info
  11. N


    Where to find similar looking texture? If you have a good collection of textures then please give the link to download.
  12. gedstar

    No More CC Direct Download Links?

    It was reported here that adobe will not be providing direct download links to CC2015.5 Fear not I found this
  13. F

    In need of urgent favour

    Sup guys, i'm new to the forum, i registered because i am in need of a favour asap. I am currently on a road trip and brought my laptop with me, unfortunately i dont have photoshop installed on this pc and i dont have enough bandwith to download the whole thing (im on mobile network). Basically...
  14. gedstar

    Design-Ready Objects for Adobe Photoshop

    Not sure if anybody has come across this site, if not it's worth checking out, it's completely free. Download powerful objects as PSDs complete with Selection Masking, Layered Lighting, Independent Shadow, and Depth Layer.
  15. gedstar

    Lazy Nezumi Pro

    Not sure if anybody has come across this before, but I'm actually amazed at what it can do to your brush stroke. Only started playing around with it and it's got plenty of features to play around with. Image below is me writing my name with a normal brush, as you can see it's not the best, but...
  16. chrisdesign

    3D Font Free

    Anyone interested in this very special font. Free download (limited version).
  17. K

    Photoshop request

    Hello! It would be nice, if someone could make a picture of heating mug, like the thermo ones and send a link of download in private message. With PDF file, ofcourse. Thanks before!
  18. J

    Downloading videos

    When I access tutorial videos what to do to download them for future reference? Will the download include both text and pictures? I use photoshop CS6 Thank you. joe
  19. I

    download help

    I have been installing Design Standard from the Adobe site. After I download I am asked to run or save. I choose save and then I am prompted to pick a program to open the downloaded file. I choose Photoshop, the file on the desktop turns into a PS icon and then it runs. But why am I being asked...
  20. I

    Brush controls problem

    Hi, First of all , sorry for my bad English. I will try to explain as clearly as I can When I download a brushes set. The brush controls (shape Dynamics, dual brush, texture etc...) are deactivated.So brushes do not work properly. If I download a marker pen set ,doesn't paint as a marker...