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Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

Like they say, it's not an official site. Yes, it's an affiliate site. Could be three guys in a garage - could be great, could be great yesterday and hacked today..
LIKE I SAID, I wouldn't use them PERSONALLY.
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Did you actually read this bit "Welcome. This isn’t an ‘official’ Adobe site – but as a fully Authorized Adobe Affinity Partner since 2006"

Could be three guys in a garage - could be great, could be great yesterday and hacked today

The above statement doesn't make any sense!
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a partner can be anybody that links to adobe products. I use to be an official Adobe Partner when I had affiliated links to them on my website.

Also anyone can put whatever text, award claims they want on their website.

Just saying as a rule, you cant believe everything you read on the internet

adobes official answer to them is

They are using our servers. They just provide instructions on how to download older versions of our software.

so in answer to your question is it safe yes because they only link to files that are hosted on adobes servers

however rightfully so it does not take much for that site to be hacked and redirected to dodgy downloads you can always verify the link using various tools to check your getting it from adobe.com but be aware its easy to have a redirect adobe.hoogle.com so it may look official but you can have anything on a sub domain.

As for is this particular link safe and legit as of at this moment in time it is fully legit and safe.

But to show both sides of the argument adobe has issued take down notices in the past

which has lead to them being removed from the official adobe partners page (they use to have an advert at the top of the portal) and you cant find them on any search.

so if they are an official partner still I do not know, But adobe has authorised this service as they are not hosting the files only linking back to adobe (for now)
Official partners will always be listed on adobe website.


but there are many reliable unofficial partners out there that are legit not everything is a nasty evil on the internet.

Just saying we could be a partner with affiliated links etc (I think we do have Affiliated links) we can also be a partner with software download links and training partner program.

but if your downloading using p2p etc then chances are its dodgey.