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  1. E

    Hello everybody!

    Hey there, I've been using photoshop for 6 months, but I started dedicating to it just lately. The tutorials on the internet are teaching me a lot, but I needed a direct interaction with the "gurus" and I think this is the perfect place.:hi:
  2. R

    Christmas photo

    Dear Members, I made this photo for christmas. Can somebody please fix the colors and lights, remove the visible tapes from the wall and the white writing from the baby's dress and make the whole photo look more professional? Thank you in advance!
  3. gedstar

    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    Well it looks like Adobe have changed their mind about direct download links for CC2015.5 products More info
  4. gedstar

    No More CC Direct Download Links?

    It was reported here that adobe will not be providing direct download links to CC2015.5 Fear not I found this
  5. MoltresRider

    Path will not curve not even with direct selection tool!

    I created a line using the pen tool, but no matter where I click on the line, it will only add an anchor point. Reddit mentioned that I need to use the direct selection tool by holding ctrl, except that will only move the line around the canvas, it will not curve the line by any means! I...
  6. P

    Which Scanner

    Hi I'm looking in to buying a quality scanner to scan old photographs so I am able to repair and re-touch them. I operate a mac and my budget could push to around £350. Can anyone direct me or advise me on a scanner that would suit my needs even if it goes outside my budget I would consider it...
  7. S

    Hardware Question - iMac 27" and Photoshop CC

    Hello PSGs! I was wondering if there were any techies out there that could answer a question for me. I'm retouching with CC on a superpowered Mac at school. I don't do video or 3D editing, just compositing, beauty retouching, etc. (tons of layers but nothing too insane). Most of the files I'm...
  8. pslane

    Direct selection tool

    I've been told to use the direct selection tool in a lot of the tuts I do. When I try it, all I get is a rectangle marquee that disappears when I un click. It does nothing for me, no lines of any kind. I'm thinking maybe I have to hold down another key to use this. Can you tell me or direct...
  9. T

    Help with Stone Text and breaking of stone..

    This is what I'm working on. I'm trying to get a stone effect though similar to this link: I'm also trying to get the hand you guys see to have a stone effect and sort of break the U within...