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  1. Pipsmom

    State of Mind

    Sunday Project Before AFTER
  2. N

    Logo for girl streamer

    Looking for a person that can make a logo for my gf. 300x300 no bg. Logo should contain one big colorful crystal. Something girly. Something like this Thanks, night_wolf
  3. E

    Changing the direction of a shadow

    Had a few prom photos last night with my teachers, and with my English teacher's I noticed it was off-balanced, so I decided to move myself to the right of the photo so the teacher was in the centre. This posed a few problems and, given I'm okay with photoshop, I wasn't really prepared for how...
  4. Eggy

    3D Blender - Vintage Gas Pump

    I'm getting there, step by step... Please do comment, but keep in mind I'm a newbie at this...
  5. S

    Help to recreate this image!

    Hi folks, I want to recreate what is being done in this picture with the txt "The Problematics". But i can't really figure out how to do so, especially the shadows from the upper part of "PROBLEMATICS" is tricky in my mind :) Hope you got some tips for a young Photoshopper :)
  6. I

    Banner Request for new gaming channel

    Hi, I'm Icy-X, and I have a new channel called Icy-X Gaming on YouTube. I'm looking for someone to make a banner for me if they wouldn't mind. I don't have any real specifications.
  7. D

    Hello from UK

    Hello Everyone - I am in England and fairly new to Photoshop. the version I have is Elements7 - I don't think I need anything too wonderful as I don't need to "share" pics really - just want to use it for manipulating my photos for Scrapbooking really. But not sure if there is going to be very...
  8. D

    Blending help

    So, I'm in the middle of making a composite for a friend of mine. He's opening a food trailer business and he wanted to see what his truck and trailer would look like and to send something to investors. I really haven't had any luck finding the right background that I have in mind, but the one I...
  9. gedstar

    Direct download links for CC2015.5. products

    Well it looks like Adobe have changed their mind about direct download links for CC2015.5 products More info
  10. Eggy

    Pay The Ferryman

    On a rainy day and bored out of my mind I started with and some small stuff to get Please do comment...
  11. N

    Gaming Schedule Deisgn

    i have this Gaming schedule. but i wanted to furnish it in photoshop in a way it looks much attractive and colorful. a new design required for it. as of now nothing is coming into my mind. please help me on it. it is simple daily routine gaming and normal activities schedule one gamer should...
  12. Paul

    Before and after manipulations from your own camera.

    Taken earlier up in the hills around Brigadoon, just sitting there rusting away i gave it the treatment. Original. Manipulated. Have you got any to share...must be your own mind.
  13. P

    Can someone edit a photo for me?

    sorry paul didnt know that anyway i'm a fan of beards and unfortunately mine doesnt grow thickand is patchy. is it possible to create a realistic trimmed thicker beard so i can see what i would look like? thanks in advance
  14. Helios

    Helios' gallery

    Hi guys, I've not been here long, but after a warm welcome I feel happy posting this for you all. Looking around I can see a friendly community that thrives on sharing ideas, helping others and praising achievements, which is really lovely to find. I mostly paint and draw, as I've said...
  15. G

    Need design help

    Hey guys, Sorry if this is against protocol. I am not a photoshop person but I know you guys are great at what you do and are very creative. I do competition BBQ as a hobby and am getting one of my competition smokers remodeled. When it is done I was looking to do a two tone powder coat job...
  16. L

    New Member

    Hi, My name is Lee. I'm a new member. I'm not a professional designer. I design simple things like my own business cards for my dog training business. I'm woefully inept at understanding how Photoshop works. I have version 8.0. Lately my select tool has been exhibiting a mind of its own...
  17. Z

    What's on your mind?

    curious as all :D so what's on your mind today?
  18. Paul

    Transformational disfigurement of the mind body and soul

    Hope you like the new person:)
  19. E

    Lost my mind

    Hello again, Was looking around last nite and ran across a post where someone asked what created a certain effect and I did not book mark the post or the place the effect came from. I do know it cost $39 bucks and wanted to look into it more. What the effect seemed to do was to really put...