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State of Mind

Weird,yeah I know....This is my own mind as it stands ...Did I say it’s weird yet?

Yes ....it was my intention to be dark, depressed and moody as it represents the state of the mind when going through the grief process....The light is faintly risen as I start my journey ahead......

I have a lighter version saved .....so when I heal further I can tell how far I have come to the light to the other side of normal again

See I told you it was weird :biglaff:

Thanks for the compliments guys
Nice work i like the dark atmosphere!

Like in your last manipulation the background it's a little bit odd, i think it's because you are using some kind of brush with low opacity to darken the zones (last one i think you use the same technique to aply brightness) an it looks like a black spots on the image.
I think you need to aply other techniques for that, like for example use selection and then use refine edge to darken the zone with alot more uniformity.