1. N

    Specific Edit out the HUD and touch the background up behind it a bit please?

    I would like the Timer, Ring count and symbol, and the Lives count and symbol removed please and the background where they were touched up a little bit, so it wont look obvious that something was edited out. Can I also ask that Shadow's spine the ring count sits infront of, is finished off to a...
  2. vladitan

    Lottery game design

    Hi. I`ve made this casino style lottery game design. Can you please tell me if you have any advice to be done better. Thank you.
  3. Pipsmom

    State of Mind

    Sunday Project Before AFTER
  4. T

    After Effects Improving speed for aerender.exe (Adobe After effects CC 2017)

    I'm working on a project that should render as many videos as possible. Only 3 images in the project change after every render. The output length is 12 seconds and it takes about 90 seconds to render the video. After Effects is running on a Windows 10 device with 64gb ram, a GTX 1060...
  5. T

    Help with bamboo project (Specific)

    So I need a bamboo for a presentation with some large roots, but what happens is that mine only has a couple and they are very small. So if you guys can help me, and photoshop the photos, making more and larger roots and maybe some leafes I would be very appreciated. Thanks.
  6. F

    New Project for me, A New Challenge for you.

    Good Time of the Day to all the Photoshop Magicians and Muggles. I have come up with a little project for myself. Since i was a little kid, I've always wanted to build a Computer from scratch. Now that i have a job and ample time to spend on a project, i decided it is time. Yet i don't want it...
  7. D

    Student Photography Project: Photo Manipulation

    I have a photography project focused on "Self". I want to do a blind study where I have people that do not know me edit my photo to see the outcomes. I need as many people as possible to manipulate a photo of myself in photoshop (however you see fit). The guidelines are pretty open, I just ask...
  8. S

    Can someone remove the background?

    Hello! Please remove the background and make them into pngs, original size! Need it for a project!
  9. photo_mix

    After Effects My free After Effects Projects

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post in this amazing forum, i started my new initiative ( making a free & simple After Effects Project ) i will make more & more if get a good feed backs from your side, any way this is a thumbnail of my first one Link removed Note from Moderator Promoting...
  10. BorninThe40s

    How do I project part of an image outside it's frame?

    Here I have an image of a south Coast Marina, to which I have added a gold frame. How do I extend the wooden pontoon area to project beyond the frame? I have been trying with 'Vanishing Point' but am failing miserably..... I don't just want it done for me, I want to learn how to do...
  11. O

    Help needed for my art project

    I need to get the background removed from one of these two pictures, so only kanye and the floating stage are left ((need it for my art project, going to take him out of context and replace him as a lamp lol)). I tried many different things but the picture is too complex for me, but i'm not a...
  12. Eggy

    3D First test project in Blender

    First :shocked: my, my... Just to let you folks now I'm still alive and kicking but I had two hard days in my first steps in Blender... I was fed up with using cubes and globes and the rest of the presets so I tried something a bit more challenging. Here's the result. Still a lot of...
  13. D

    Family Project Request Please

    Hello, This photo is from 1981. Over time the photo has taken on a sepia tone. Could someone please restore this to its original state? It is for a family project and would mean a lot. Thank you.
  14. A

    What do you call this effect?

    Hey Guys, I am looking to create this sort of effect for a project that i am doing. Do you guys know what is effect is called?
  15. Pipsmom

    Restoring color project

    I worked with this photo today for a few hours and the results weren't to my standards... So after reading and watching tutorials....... tomorrow I will approach it differently but need your input if this will correct one particular area that's driving me bonkers ( the red/brown undelevloped...
  16. Pipsmom

    Resizing worries

    I've just started making a special imagine for Christmas to use as my signature on a dog forum that I moderate. That project being hard enough for this Newby ........I'm panicking already that I won't be able to resize it to the permitted size permitted there ( 300x200) that will include all of...
  17. S

    White balance on some photos

    Would someone be willing to make white balance on these photos? I need the background to be white. I need it for my science project. Thanks very much :)
  18. A

    After Effects Help with my project please.

    Hello all. I am a beginner to Adobe after effects and i started my first project not long ago. I finished my project following a guide on youtube. But now i stumbled upon a question that i hope you can help me with. For reference: This is the guide i followed...
  19. thePixelPixie

    New Member - Hi

    Hi there, Just introducing myself. I've been using Illustrator for most of my work (and before switching to Mac, I was a diehard CorelDraw user - I still think it's a better vector program. Ah well). But I have a project from a client right now that's requiring a bit more PhotoShop knowledge...
  20. Eggy

    Flipping horizontal or vertical

    It appears something changed since the last update to CC 2015.5.1. I used to be able to flip horizontaly or verticaly a specific layer part of a project. At a point I realized that I couldn't flip a layer on his own and that in the pull back of image/image rotation the command 'flip vertical or...