1. Pipsmom

    State of Mind

    Sunday Project Before AFTER
  2. Msainz

    Florida state forest animals

    please comment and critique thanks
  3. D

    Family Project Request Please

    Hello, This photo is from 1981. Over time the photo has taken on a sepia tone. Could someone please restore this to its original state? It is for a family project and would mean a lot. Thank you.
  4. Z

    3D PzKfw VI Ausf.E Tiger Tank

    I got asked on Friday to make a tiger tank for someone's Arma 3 mod, a tiger 1 and tiger 2. after roughly 12 hours in total of modelling, it's looking pretty good, just got to add some bits to the back, and some high poly details then unwrap it for textures. some steps of its progress: 1...
  5. A

    How to delete all history STATES (not history) - or other solution to a master macro

    I am trying to set up a workflow for my coworkers to easy adjust color, brightness and so on simply by clicking on a SNAPSHOT that easily shows them the result. The SNAPSHOT is generated by a master macro that calls alarge number of macros. But my clever :-) solution fails because I would like...
  6. chrisdesign

    Mercedes 350 SL 1980 "Restoration"

    When I opened this barn, it was hard to tell that this was a Mercedes car. I had only one thought, I had to do what ever was necessary to restore this car to its original state. After a few hours of Photoshop work it looks brand new again. Before After
  7. L

    *Question* How to keep/change actions when changing worspaces and after force quit PS

    I'm currently using Photoshop CS5 on a Mac and getting so frustrated with the folowing, and wondering if this is even possible: I frequent between two workspaces and want to assign diffrent sets of actions to them. So my photography editing is done in one worspace and I'm using lot's of actions...
  8. Stefano

    State of the Union

    I made this a few months ago, I feel it has educational merit! Thanks for looking at my stuff and for any feedback you have! -Stefano
  9. Paul

    Altered state

    Just a mad idea i had:wink: