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I got asked on Friday to make a tiger tank for someone's Arma 3 mod, a tiger 1 and tiger 2.

after roughly 12 hours in total of modelling, it's looking pretty good, just got to add some bits to the back, and some high poly details then unwrap it for textures.

some steps of its progress:

1. The Initial blocked out shape of the tank is laid down

2. added muzzle break, and the turret cupola (the sticky up thing at the top)

3. added drivers viewport and prepared the hull machine gun port.

4. added extra hull detail

5. its current state, with more hull detail, tracks and drive wheels

I referenced tiger 131 up until i realised it was the wrong variant, but nevertheless it gave me the correct shape. This particular model represents a Late war era Ausf. E tank without any zimmerit anti magnetic coating.

Hope you like it, any constructive advisory is welcomed.

If you like any of my blank models and want to an image of it for overpainting, just tell me what view you would like and I'll pop a render your way :)
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These look great Zee. I wish I had the time to learn more about 3D modeling. Many years ago a friend of mine (in another forum) got me interested in ZBrush. Back then, there was not as much online instruction as we have these days so I threw in the towel. Maybe one day.
thanks! :D I'll admit, i personally think Zbrush is terrible, it's good for making arty farty things, but i'm very old fashioned and still use max, i prefer the precision, the ease of use and the all around stability.
Bit of a rush on 'Tank' models then eh? :biglaff:

Nice job as always......any chance of a wire render to see your mesh?

I've never done 'game' models so I don't usually have to keep an eye on the poly count but I appreciate for 'game' models its quite critical.

Interested to see how 'optimized' your mesh is.

I didn't get that joke! sorry xD

i'll get some wires now :) they're the intermediate polygon range though, I have a lowpoly mesh however it's not the prettiest for poly flow.
okay sorry for the delay, I found a new toy in max and i've been playing around with it, i've managed to add ultra high poly welds to the tiger.

I've put the wires in 'clay' mode as the details are lost in full wireframe

high/intermediate density:

tiger II

and the LP tiger:

it does have tracks somewhere I'm not sure where they've disappeared off to.
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