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  1. K

    Text Box from Custom Shape w/ Holes

    Hi So I am trying to create a custom text box from a Shape with holes in it as shown below, but when I insert text it doesn't conform to the shape, but acts as if there aren't any holes. The Shape is white and the background is black. Here I have created the Shape: I then choose the Type...
  2. E

    Wave for flag

    how can i give a flag shape like this?
  3. K

    Hi Can You Make me Youtube Icon?

    i want something like this but green cloud and with boots looking derpy with smile and hands down but difernet shape and face litle bit so i dont get copy right becose this is from film
  4. S

    Illustrator Having issue with 'make compound shape"

    So im working on a shirt design and i used some grunge vectors to cut out texture in my design. So i added the texture in a mask > flattened transparency > cleaned up the weird box it adds. Now my design has abunch of weird little separations - like the whole object is cut into smaller squares...
  5. Azulnauta

    Brainstorm on a logo using an hourglass

    Friends I need your help to finally start making or delegate the creation of a new logo for my wife business. This business is almost 3 years old and is growing great, but the logo is so unprofessional and primary :\ This is the actual logo I made : The intention is to use the...
  6. T

    Edge Smoothing

    Hi everyone. If anyone can help me smooth out the edges on this shape below, to make it look like a vector, it would be really appreciated! Thank you!
  7. S

    Creating an object

    Hello all, I'm currently trying to have an object (rectangle) under a circle. What I'm trying to do is have the arch of the circle create a shape where it meets the straight line across of the rectangle under it. basically cutting the curve out of the circle along the line of the shape below...
  8. S

    How to draw a high resolution shape with smooth edge ??

    hello all. whenever im trying to draw a shape like a circle or a rectangle, when i zoom it the edges look bad and not smooth can someone show me please many thanks
  9. E

    How can i do this shape?

    how can i do this shape on photoshop?
  10. S

    Need help to Make Logo Like attached file..

    Dear Devs, Please guide me how to start for a Logo contains text and shape like attached Logo and how to transform the text exact similar to any shapes. Thanks in advance...
  11. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Gradients

    Can anyone explain to me why, within the gradient adjustment line box, I have a perfectly smooth top-to-bottom, black-to-white gradient, but the actual gradient in my shape object is a frumpy, unsmooth mess with smooshed color blends? Driving me NUTS@^*$%!!!
  12. B

    Creating a 'Adjustable Frame'

    What I'm trying to do is create a 'adjustable frame', a top layer that acts just like a picture frame would for an actual picture. I'd like to be able to re-size this frame so I don't have to keep re-cropping/filling the areas every time I make a change. I've tried looking into how to accomplish...
  13. A

    It's too hard to draw a basic line diagram...

    I just want to draw a moderately complex diagram, but it seems that any time I want a new line not connected to a previous one I have to create a new layer to make a new shape. I could end up with 20 layers. Am I doing something wrong? Related question: I can't figure out how to add more lines...
  14. E

    Custom star-like shape, please help!

    Hi PSG; I'm, as you noticed, new here, and I need help with re-creating this custom shape: It's that star-like coloured behind those guns, you can see it clearly in the middle image I tried editing a circle but it got terrible wrong, so can you guys, please, help me? thanks in advance!
  15. K

    After Effects Getting this effect?!

    Hi guys looking for some info on how to pull of an effect similar to the photo, as you can see there are grid lines over the shape of the car and looking to get this effect
  16. S

    A gift for my wife

    Hi guys I have a drawing made by my son, and I want it made real. The rabbit (yes it's a rabbit:-) ) should keep its shape, but be covered with white fur, so it looks like a real rabbit, but with the funny shape it has on the drawing. If possible, I would like the background to be a green...
  17. P

    Illustrator "squishing" one shape with another ?

    Hi! First post here. I'm trying to design a logo for a product I do plan to sell so I hope it's ok to ask this here. I'm trying to have an effect where the product name is in big letters and it's sitting on the brand name and "squishing" it. Sort of a Ben Hur/Monty python play on the look...
  18. E

    Turning Path Selections into Shapes

    Hello! Does anybody know of that "Shape" button in the Pen Tool's tool bar that allows you to turn any path into an immediate shape? It used to be my go to button when I had a selection that I turned into a path so I could turn it into a shape. However I recently got Photoshop CC and I can't...
  19. J

    HELP: Tutorial for this effect (picture attached)

    Help! I'm working on a new company logo, in which I need to do something similar to this effect, shown below. I want my word to bend with the shape, a triangle, not a custom shape. I have tried creating the shape with the pen tool and using it as a text box, but it doesn't give to shape like it...
  20. M

    could someone do this for me please?

    Hi Could somebody please change the back edge of this shape to have fading dots? So that it looks like this: With the dots more dense/ thicker to the left and right but less dense/ smaller where they meet in the middle behind the front edge. Also trying to do the same thing with the...