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Wave for flag

If you just wanted a small amount of flag wave I would recommend looking up displacement map tutorials. However the image you have linked to will need quite a bit of "hand" work. I would suggest using something like the image you show as a reference and then perhaps splitting the flag in to different segments (each on its own layer) and then using free transform / warp to make the flag follow the lines you want.

Just out of interest what flag do you want to look like the one in the linked image?


yes i tried displacement method but the problem is i couldnt find a reference image like this one. as reference image i searched silk but they mostly look like this not similar to what i want

All a displacement map does is to distort the lines of an image based on a grey-scale value.

You could try to create your own reference image by taking the image you linked to and making a grey-scale image using a gradient fill to create the contours that you want. Then to use this as a displacement map. If you go down this route the advantage is that the same map could be used for different flag images. If you only have one flag to change I would probably go down the route of using Free transform and warp.


Please let me know how you get on.


not working, i guess its not as easy as i thought.. considering thats an effect a real talented designer can do. if so im not very talented ill quit trying xD

if i could find a reference image as i wanted displace method is quite handy, can u try to find a reference image for me? maybe im looking wrong place.
thx colleague :)

did u make it? if possible can u send me png version without white bg?
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