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  1. I

    Custom shapes losing quality when resized.

    Hi everyone, As the title pretty much points out, when I try to resize a custom shape it loses quality and the edges become kinda jagged. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening? It doesn't seem to matter if I resize the shape before or after rasterizing it. Thanks!
  2. G

    changing a circles shape?

    Hi I am new to Photoshop.Only installed the free version 2 days ago. (CS2 Vers9). I expect that I will only need to use it a couple of times a year For my first project I would like to design some trading cards. Much like this project on youtube. This is the...
  3. R

    Is it possible to divide shapes? If yes, how?

    Hello, Is it possible to divide shape into two or three parts? Because sometimes i create outer borders for window and then i need to expand shape vertically, so i want to divide shape into 3 parts and stretch only one part. Here's example, i want to divide this shape into two: Please post...
  4. A

    Changing the colour of something only when it overlaps with something

    I'm not sure how much sense the title makes, so I'll explain further: I've got some black text that, at one point, goes over a black shape. Obviously, this means you can't read the part of the text that goes over that shape. I was wondering if there was a way to have only the part of the text...
  5. V

    3D 3D Chat Bubble Effect?

    Hello all I have moderate, Photoshop experience. I'd very much like to achieve a 3D chat bubble effect as pictured (1). Googling around for a "3D box effect", which might help me, I hit a bit of a brick wall. Using the square marquee tool and feathering it got the shape I wanted, but I could...
  6. M

    how do I create this 3d shape

    Hi all I need to redraw this shape in photoshop. I started by created rounded rectangles, and moving one under the other. However, I can't re-create the edges between the 2 squares so I expect I am going about it wrong! I want to learn to do it myself really rather than ask someone else to do...
  7. E

    make a square photo fit an unusual shape

    I have a photoshop file of my website homepage. one of the layers is an unusual shape (it happens to be the website header) and has a solid green background. I need to swap out the green background with a photo, i.e. place the photo on the green layer and have the square photo only apply to the...
  8. Z

    how to complete an uncompleted shape image

    Hi there, I have a very simple graphic of a shiny sun that misses the top and bottom parts. Is there a way to add the missing parts / complete the image in Photoshop? Thanks in advance!
  9. A

    Wrap texture around object.

    Hi everyone, This is my first thread asking for help but I desperately need it. I have these photos of buildings, and I need to make a preview of them how they would look if they were wrapped with currogated steel or steel panels. Up to now, I've tried this method: *) Create a shape on the...
  10. agentmoeller

    Illustrator Question on manipulating shapes

    I'm trying to create a V shape in Illustrator, using two rectangles. I want to know if there's a way to drag the outside corner anchor points of each shape down until they meet at the bottom, where the red arrows are drawn, while keeping them in line with the outside line of the rectangle...
  11. S

    Templates Help

    Hi all I have asked in a couple of forums this question to no avail. At work I run a small studio that produces items like iphone cases and mouse mats with guests photos.Now i use the following templates that are great as all i have to do is click the click here area and it loads the open file...
  12. W

    'Paste as shape layer' pasting as foreground color

    Hi all! When I paste an Illustrator vector graphic into Photoshop as a shape layer, it pastes as whatever the foreground color is instead of the original colors. I'm sure there's an easy fix to this that I'm missing but can't seem to find it. Thank you in advance!
  13. M

    Creating artwork for cone shape cooler

    hey guys i'm trying to create an artwork for a cone shape cooler with sizes (top: 1555.75mm , bottom: 1244.6mm, height: 368.3mm). My problem is if I just drew a shape with the dimensions above and create my artwork with that shape would my artwork be distorted when it is placed on the cooler...
  14. R

    Illustrator Newbie Problem Cutting Shapes from Traced Images

    Ok so I am just starting out with Illustrator and until I know how to make vectors from scratch I've been making due with the 'Image Trace' option for my logos. I do run into a problem though. If something within the image needs to be cut out to show as a transparency, just deleting the vector...
  15. P

    How to: Combining shapes but get rid of dozen editable paths?

    Hi All. I've created a logo in Photoshop by using 14 shapes. My goal is to combine these shape to one perfect master shape that I can fill and export to Illustator for vectorizing to pdf. My problem is when I combine these paths it creates one shape but all overlapping paths are included. What...
  16. C

    Shapes have me stumped!

    Hi Guys This is a really stupid problem but never the less it is a problem Im facing and have no idea why. I created a black rectangle shape over a white background, I then created a white curved corner rectangle to sit half over the black and over the white backing. All the layers are in...
  17. E

    Photoshop Shape Error

    Hi i need help on Photoshop. for some reason when i create any shape it creates a bigger one next to the one i have already made. i cant delete the shape without deleting the main shape because it is only one layer. So please answer with a reply on how to get rid of it. Thank You
  18. N

    Resizing a vector mask with feather

    Hi guys! This particular thing has me stumped and maybe you can help :) I have a vector shape, for example a circle with a feather of 5px and I want to scale up the entire image. When I increase the image size, the feather on the shape doesn't scale with it and stays at 5px. This is extremely...
  19. ThePimento

    Help with creating a shape

    Hello everyone, I've got a quick question that will hopefully have an easy answer. I'm trying to create this symbol in Photoshop, but I'm not sure how to do it. I had thought about doing a rectangle then trying to distort it, or try a path tool, but neither of these seem to produce the above...
  20. RdG

    My pattern

    i made some patterns and I'd like to have a feedback from the community, thanks :-)