1. MrToM

    Masking Layer Effects.

    The following image is a simple ring created from a circular shape of 600px dia with a second concentric circle shape of 400px dia subtracted from it. On that shape are two effects, a 'Drop shadow' and a 'Bevel & Emboss'. Now, the 'Drop Shadow' is displayed 'outside' the shape as you would...
  2. J

    Help with wrapping banner around Oval Shape

    I have a long thin banner that I want to bend or rap around an oval shape to make the banner appear to be border for the oval how can I do this? tried Edit>Transform>Wrap but it had disastrous results attached is a copy of my starting point, I want the black and gold banner to drape or wrap...
  3. I

    Onion Domes.

    Anyone know how to make a shape like an onion dome? It's kinda like the shape at the top of the Taj Mahal. If no one knows how, saying how to alter the shape of a circle would be fine as well. And by that I mean if anyone can arch the circle if that makes sense? - Thanks in advance...
  4. F

    Change an image with another (taking its shape)

    Gooday to all, i'm new in the forum and a newbie in photoshop. I've to do a flyer for a music band, and i have to substitute a shaped image with another. This second one should take the shape of the original one on the same layer. How can i do it? Thanks a lot
  5. I

    Please HELP! Radial Gradient Effect on Irregular Shape

    Hi, I've been doing this work on photoshop cs6. I'm unable to get the same gradient effect that you see in the pic. I've tried different gradient styles (linear, radial, diamond.....) and gradient overlay. I'm not able to get that equally distributed effect around the shape. Can someone...
  6. MoltresRider

    Photoshop creating closed shape with pen tool despite Shift being held down

    I held down the shift key on my keyboard after I made my last point using the pen tool in Photoshop. But instead of Photoshop just creating a line like it is supposed to when you hold down Shift, it created an entire shape and closes it and fills it. Photoshop does not just stop the line where I...
  7. agentmoeller

    Illustrator help with pen tool

    Hoping someone knows the answer to this. I am drawing an object in Ai (#1), I continue to draw the shape (#2), then I click on the anchor point, so I can bring the line back to create a crescent shape (#3). when I click to create a new anchor point, my outline (blue shape lines and anchor...
  8. M

    Illustrator Creating a hurricane shape

    Hey guys, does anyone have any idea how I can create a hurricane shape in illustrator? Like this one for instance
  9. S

    Trying to recreate a shield shape.Got struck!!

    Trying to recreate or replicate this attached shape with gradients and information on a shield shape.Got struck!! Any help or tutorials will be highly appreciated.Thanks in advance Gurus.How to add exactly similar gradients and other information on the Target file ?? Want to learn .Thanks in...
  10. MoltresRider

    This brush as a custom shape

    I made this brush long ago as a Gimp brush that I eventually made it into a Photoshop brush. I kept the PNG that was used to make this brush and the PNG is attached. I need it as a custom shape. I read up on how to make custom shapes but it sounds too difficult. Can I get somebody to make this...
  11. B

    Shaping the background

    Can anyone please tell me how to shape the background to the text like this
  12. Pearlie

    3D Neon from Nuthin' - 3D Neon Sign

    Working with illuminated surfaces and reflections. Began with fonts and the pentagon shape. comments welcome
  13. N

    how to make this octagon shape

    how can I create that octagon shape on the side? thanks.
  14. J

    How do I create a rule to place a fixed sized square on multiple files?

    Hi there, So basically I am making a card game and am at a stage now where I need to print the cards out and cut them. I have made the border of the cards larger than needed to have a bleed area when cutting them. So now I have over 150 psd files and need to place a fixed sized square over...
  15. N

    help with making/finding this shape in custom shape tool

    How does one achieve the ferris wheel type effect in the background? Also if you skip to 0:12(the video is in fast foward motion unfortunately but if you pause a couple times and look you can see he goes to custom shape tool and the shape he has is a ferris wheel type shape and he makes overlay...
  16. G

    Illustrator Geometric shape generation

    Hi, I have some vector artwork to generate for a vinyl cut out design I am supplying. In the attached mock-up I am trying to find the best/easiest way to redraw the circular shape in the middle of the image, which consists of two shaped rings that repeat uniformly around the rings. As a...
  17. M

    How to create this shine In Illustrator or Photoshop?

    Im trying to get my fire logo look like this in the picture, I've created kinda a similar shape i just would like to know how to get that shine/effect like in the photo
  18. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Grasshopper

    This is a work in progress. Still a long way to go. But one can recognize the shape of the grasshopper already.
  19. A

    Forum Signature Wanted.

    Hi guys I’de like to get a forum signature done up for me. It needs to be 555 pixels by 125 pixels i want to use this image and have my name (Aur0xx) in a cool font to match the assassins creed theme. i want to have a black background. i would like to have a little bit of shape to the...
  20. B

    How to make this shape using Photoshop ?

    How to make this shape using Photoshop ? Very interesting . Rectangle marquee tool and use the selections to get the curved shapes then gradients ? Especially the shape is very interesting and really neat looking .Any tutorial will be great for us. Thank you. So far i created a new file...