1. B

    Illustrator Cut out rectangular shape from scene

    Hi there, I'm rather new to AI and trying to produce the pictures for my thesis with it... at the moment, I'm stuck with a molecule, where I have to put some atoms in (letters). I already constructed all atomic bonds by lines. To place the atoms in the rings, I need to tare the corners of...
  2. J

    Face Shape Editing Help!!!

    What are the steps to change face shape or body structure in Photoshop CS5?
  3. G

    How To Cut This Shape Out

    Hi, Can anyone give me the steps to cut this shape out of the rectangle? I know it is pretty Simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. Thanks
  4. Dana Alley

    Brushes Looking for a certain 'Framing' brush or shape

    I'm looking for a any brushes or shapes that can make this ^^frame type shape. Anything similar, it doesn't have to be exact. I've spent quite a bit of time searching, but can not find anything that has a download link. Quite frustrating. Preferably free, but I might pay a couple bucks.
  5. B

    how to get to know the weight/size of a shape, in points

    Hey! I guess the title says almost everything. I need to get to know the size/weight of a custom shape, measured in points. I basically need to get to know which of two almost similar shapes are the physically biggest (the shapes are quite organic and complex, so I'm not able to tell...
  6. D

    Pixelation of shape layers

    Hi Gurus, I'm just getting started with PhotoShop and I've noticed that when I create custom shape layers, the fill is often noticeably pixelated. I know that PhotoShop is generally a raster based tool, but my understanding is that the shape layers are created as vector graphics. I don't...
  7. M

    Splitting a shape

    Hi all This is my first time posting here, so be gentle. :wink: Well, why I'm posting is that I want to split a shape I created. It is a square with rounded corners and it has some effects (shadows, glows...). I want to have three pieces: the top part, middle and bottom parts. How should I...
  8. L

    3D Size of 2d input image and 3d shape size

    I've been trying to discover the relationship of the 2d image size and 3d shape size. 3d cylinder works out to width = circumference and height the same, for some cases. This breaks down at some point and there seems to be no relationship. Can anyone shed some light on this. I am trying to...
  9. P

    How do I 'cut' a shape from a layer?

    I have a rectangle with a gradient on it. I want to be able to cut it in half so its like a horizontal tab. How do I just cut a shape from a layer? I have tried marqee tool selecting the area and then hitting delete but the whole layer disappears :-( I know this is possible I just dont know...
  10. A

    Trouble cropping excess to certain shape.

    Hi. I am trying to crop out the excess that goes beyond the gray square but I can't figure out how to do this. I am getting very frustrated because I know it is something simple. I want to create one image with the square and masks, but cut the excess. Right now each piece is a separate layer...
  11. A

    How can I make this shape effect

    Hi all, How can I make this effect on shape using Photoshop CS4 ? As you can see in the image below there is a person shape with gradient in the background; What if I want to create another shape as clouds or sun, how can I do this ? Note: I'm not talking about the whole image, just the...
  12. R

    Side shape.

    I want to enlarge my photoshop picture. larger by side. What i will do for this?
  13. K

    3D wrapping 2d image in a new 3d shape

    i need help, i've created a .dae file and placed in on the preset/mesh folder so it appeared in the new shape from layer tab i want to wrap my 2d image in my newly created shape, but unlike the other shapes my image wraps randomly on my new shape. it does not wrap around the object but...
  14. N

    Drawing circle: issue with shape definition

    starting from a 300 dpi image, I draw a simle circle shaped path and fill it with foreground color, and then the result is just not clean. The border does not look acceptable. I don't understand what the problem is
  15. S

    Shape Color Help!

    Hi Everyone: I think I accidentally changed some settings in my photoshop (CS5 Version). Whenever I create a new shape, I'm now unable to change the color of it. When I previously created a new shape, a box with color appeared at the top of the toolbar. (See attached photo with arrow...
  16. S

    How to curve text within a paragraph text block that is a predefined shape.

    Does anyone know how to curve text within a shape, as paragraph text, not artistic text? (See my attached image.) I have drawn the shape, inserted the text as paragraph text, but the text always wants to sit in a straight line. I am so frustrated as I can't seem to find a workaround in either...
  17. Windows7

    The best way to cut out an image like next shape..

    Hi folks here i am back again! :) I've again a annoying problem and that is:i made a rounded rectangle with the pen tool with nice round corner(more rounded then the basic rounded rectangle). Like this one: And i want to cut out this shape out a flag and that is: I hope you guys...
  18. P

    Is photoshop right for us?

    Gurus, hopefully you can help, We are interested in making a graphic and unsure which software is best/least expensive that can do the job. We want to take a certain shape and fill it with a word and make the word fill the interior of that shape. Then remove any trace of the "outline" of the...