1. Q

    Remove reflections/blur wedding photo: Difficult

    Hi all. I only have a couple of photos of my husband and I from my brother's wedding and one has a lot of reflections/blur. If possible can the light issues be resolved (especially on my husband), and if the other people dancing on the right and the man in the mirror could be too that would be...
  2. Inkz

    Wheel change on a car

    Never thought I would post here but I'm asking for a good friend of mine. I'm not too sure why and I don't want to know lol. Anyway. What I need is the wheels from the blue car added to the grey car and also I would like it if the grey car was lowered. I'm aware that the quality of the blue...
  3. I

    Simple adding name to picture photoshop

    i was wondering if anyone could please photoshop my DJ name onto this flyer that got made before i got added to the show. If you could make it right above where it says "prettygirlhatemachine" and if you could move the top text up a little bit just so theres enough room for the text ITSSAULGOOD...
  4. E

    Two Photos

    Hello, Can someone help me out with two photos!? I would like the stage in the background of the first photo to be removed and then if possible... to have the firework added to the background :) Thanks
  5. MikeMc

    Little help

    I would love if someone could redo this in illustrator or as a vector Came from this....I added the 470
  6. agentmoeller

    Procreate cartoon....

    Drawn and painted in Procreate on an iPad Air 2. The caption was added in Photoshop.
  7. Pipsmom

    Newby Recent Practice Work

    Been studying real hard and applying techniques I have read about here...Thanks Guys Its not perfect as it was only practise and I think I over done it on the green roof...looks flat... but I think its one of the best I have done lately... added suggestions welcome My home town..., This is a old...
  8. P

    Family Picture - Probbly the last.

    Due to ill health we got what maybethe last family picture taken off all off us on Sunday. It was unplannedand not well thought out. Can the man in the middle of the second picture, the one with the hand on the womanshoulders, be added into the main picture just to the left of the woman...
  9. P

    Need blue sky added to photo!

    Hi, i'm wondering if someone can add a blue sky in this photo for me. Thank you!
  10. agentmoeller

    new caricature

    Latest caricature from Procreate on my iPad. Added the text in Photoshop.
  11. T

    Match Background Colour which varies

    Please see attached image with question added to image Thorrrr
  12. Paul

    Old oddities photo rework.

    Found a site showing original early photography images of people in odd poses, i recoloured this one and added some texture.
  13. C

    After Effects Basic Skype Logo Animation

    Hey guy's.. Like to share a little bit of motion graphics here. I used the infamous Skype logo ( in no way do I claim the logo to be mine) and added some bubbly animation. Sorry it's only a very short clip. Watch in HD. Let me know your thoughts.
  14. Paul

    Bucket rocks.

    Black rocks in a bucket, central rock recoloured and effects added to all layers.:mrgreen:
  15. Z

    3D PzKfw VI Ausf.E Tiger Tank

    I got asked on Friday to make a tiger tank for someone's Arma 3 mod, a tiger 1 and tiger 2. after roughly 12 hours in total of modelling, it's looking pretty good, just got to add some bits to the back, and some high poly details then unwrap it for textures. some steps of its progress: 1...
  16. W

    How this logo is made ?

    How this logo is made ? Which effect is added ?
  17. S

    Odd problem with add to and subtract from selection tools. Help please!

    I'm having a really frustrating problem with adding to and subtracting from selections. I've tried to find a solution to the problem online, but can't seem to find any mention of anybody else also experiencing it, which makes me think it's either something really simple and stupid I'm doing...
  18. ugur

    Cat Alone

    This time i used a picture taken by me and added a stock cat to it. Cat :
  19. K

    Photoshop request [CSGO Header]

    Hey! I got no idea if this will be a hard task or not, im not the greatest at photoshop. Bascially what im looking for is something similar to the csgo header i added (similar color style etc.), except with the man in the picture, if it would be possible to turn him frontwards with the same...
  20. Paul

    Animated smoke from David Bowie

    Massive David Bowie fan, not a smoker myself but just love this unusual image of the great man. Original image. My animation. I also added a smoke shadow to each frame.