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  • Glad to see you back.... i wonder what had happen to you.... I was always thankful for your input and advise, Glad to see you back friend.
    You've gone rogue on me once again. When can I expect to hear from you? I'm starting to think that I've thrown 400$ out the window. Something I'm not very happy about. You know where to reach me.
    inkz your avatar is amazing..i love the eye effect you have implemented!! For some reason, I get the sense you are very creative spirit!
    ey up, just uploaded some stuff to my albums .
    not all of my sigs but a few i really like.
    Hi Inkz. I'm new here and suspect that this site will be much more fun if I make a few friends, so I requested you. I hope you don't mind. My name is Gloria, btw. :)
    Hi Inkz. I really would like to see your work, from here and otherwise, collected in an album. Woulja? Pretty please?
    Hey Inkz,

    I'm a long time fan of your work, brilliant! I'm hoping we will get to work together in the future!
    Your new avatar looks very arrogant and standoffish mate.
    Merry Christmas.
    Hope you got my reply... still not sure on how to do things on forums with mesages etc...
    yes mate! ive just been looking at it, this helps so much and the fact youve made it look so easy, cant nwait to have a go!
    Hey Inkz!

    Just wanted to let you know: I'm new here, but I've seen some of your work and it is absolutely brilliant!

    - Marvin
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