1. W

    Specific Cut tiger's head out

    Could someone please photoshop the tiger's head out of the picture and make a png of it, preferably without losing pixel density and quality. Thanks
  2. D

    Matching up 2 different picture qualities

    I am trying to blend separate pictures together so they both look like they were taken at the same time in the same place. I don't have a particular set of pictures to show as example (although I can find some if need be). I suppose the blend of hues to match up will pretty much just take...
  3. S

    Photoshop Artist Needed. Photo editing.

    I have this picture that I created of a mythical creature I've done all I can but need help finishing up the photo. This creature needs a tiger stripe pattern on it, and all I can do is put a mask over it and that just looks terrible. What I wanted was a pattern that warped around the body and...
  4. chrisdesign

    Golden Attraction

    I have met an interesting young lady at my Steampunk Exhibition. She liked the "style" of my images and talked me into creating a composite for herself. Her favorite animal is the tiger, and a tiger head logo shows on her business card of her small printing company. So this is what I created...
  5. Z

    3D PzKfw VI Ausf.E Tiger Tank

    I got asked on Friday to make a tiger tank for someone's Arma 3 mod, a tiger 1 and tiger 2. after roughly 12 hours in total of modelling, it's looking pretty good, just got to add some bits to the back, and some high poly details then unwrap it for textures. some steps of its progress: 1...
  6. U

    Tiger Alien

    My second composition work.
  7. Z

    Tiger Tank Drawing for a friend.

    It's all Hand drawn via a graphic tablet. because of my bad co-ordination, some, or most you could say, of the lines are shaky looking, one of my friends asked me to draw up one quick so 3 days later. I think I've finished it and wanted to show you lot and ask if you had any ideas, so here it...
  8. P

    White Tiger w/purple and black abstract background

    I am looking for some artwork for my fiances. Basically, she loves white tigers and the colors purple and black. I wanted to surprise her with some cool artwork in addition to having it applied to a cell case. The artwork must be geared to fit the case in the following link, meaning the...
  9. Z

    some random tiger eye thing i did

    hard to explain what cam over me when i did this, it was impulse C&C welcome another one slightly off topic that was like i dunno 20 seconds of messing around with brushes :P
  10. Z

    what colors go well with the tiger coloring?

    i'm making a wallpaper and i want to know what colours would go together nicely with the coloring of a Tiger? (the animal not the Panzer)