1. F

    Specific Removing some people from an otherwise perfect couple picture.

    Last Weekend i attended a special event at our National War Museum, one option was to pay for a premium ticket that allowed full access to a fully functioning authentic WWII KingTiger tank. Being a massive enthousiast of everything WWII i jumped to the oppertunity. Took a fantastic picture with...
  2. S

    adding object(s) to a photo

    hi guys :) girl i met few days ago wants me to photoshop her dog with scuba tank and other equipment (mask..) thats too much for my skill level that is almost equal to zero can someone please photoshop scuba tank on the dogs back and make it like hes breathing from it? i must capture her...
  3. E

    Another photoshop request

    Can someone photoshop the picture so the strawberries disappear (replace them with the color of the tank top) and make the denim short shorts into black compression shorts?
  4. H

    Please help me change this color

    Hi, I have searched the "how to change colors" resources and I still can't do it. Here is what I want to change: I want to change the tank top color from white to apricot (light orange). I can't just select and use paint bucket because the shades of white varies in this tank top (due to...
  5. Jergon


    Well, let's start a thread for some non-flying military machines - here is British tank Churchill, guess Mk-IV.
  6. Z

    3D PzKfw VI Ausf.E Tiger Tank

    I got asked on Friday to make a tiger tank for someone's Arma 3 mod, a tiger 1 and tiger 2. after roughly 12 hours in total of modelling, it's looking pretty good, just got to add some bits to the back, and some high poly details then unwrap it for textures. some steps of its progress: 1...
  7. Z

    Tiger Tank Drawing for a friend.

    It's all Hand drawn via a graphic tablet. because of my bad co-ordination, some, or most you could say, of the lines are shaky looking, one of my friends asked me to draw up one quick so 3 days later. I think I've finished it and wanted to show you lot and ask if you had any ideas, so here it...