1. D

    Need some help. Gradient.

    I have no idea what i'm doing and could use some help. I'm trying to fade two pictures together for an arcade controller layout. I've followed some vid instructions but the whole thing fades. I've gone to gradient editor and clicked foreground to background but the drop down imagine doesn't...
  2. F

    Curved Corner Gradients?

    Hi, I was browsing youtube and saw some people using corners like this, I would like to try the same thing but i honestly don't know how to, i know how to do gradient overlays like so, Has anyone done this and know how to?
  3. N

    I have the pictures, will you just put them together?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could create something kinda like this: (the part on the left-hand side not the writing on the right) but with the pictures and words I give you? Can I have this image: its the picture of the CESSNA172 And then could I have in writing around it say CAS LTD...
  4. S

    Remove the cigeratte, please.

    Hey, Can somebody remove the cigarette in her mouth please? I will do the rest, but if you want, go ahead and remove the orange weird thing at the eye. Thanks!
  5. E

    How can I disable this thing?

    Hi, when i double click a text this popup comes. how can i turn it off?
  6. gedstar

    How to Add Fog & Light in Photoshop

    Tutorial courtesy of Phlearn You can download the image and brushes for the tutorial but you need to create an account which is not a bad thing :cheesygrin: they have some wonderful free tutorials there More info...
  7. I

    Sorry for the bother... again...

    Hello again. I really appreciate the help I received from the last editor. They were really nice and they helped me a lot. I was wondering if I can get some help again with a different photo. Same kind of edit as the last one, a simple transparent background, although this one is a little...
  8. E

    Change the background

    Hi, can anybody help me by removing the girl behind me so the only thing behind is the Eiffel Tower? Thanks in advance!!
  9. hershy314

    The secret room

    Simple photo manipulation I recently done. Haven't really done one in a long time, so I'm sure it's not as good as it could be. I can't even tell ya where the idea came from, it just popped in my head. Though I was watching a thing on Area 51 while I created this so maybe that had something to...
  10. Jerry D

    Forum changes

    I see things are being moved around. Housekeeping? While you're rearranging, could someone fix this? I know it's a tiny thing, but now that i've noticed it, I can't un-see it. Just anal, I guess.
  11. gedstar

    Pixelsquid to become a subcription model

    All good things must come to an end
  12. D

    lighting sweep look?

    Is there a way to take a photo like the following and make it appear as if light (spotlight) or a name is sweeping from one side to the other? Is that a video timeline thing or a frame animation? I am not able to use the spotlight tool in lighting effects (due to no open GL ability) but I do...
  13. B

    Help me choose color combinations for fixing my Grandpas old Truck.

    I just inherited my Grandpaws old 1978 Dodge Ramcharger and I'd like to see your take on color combos for either a paint job or wrap. I'd like the idea of leaving one of the colors and wrapping the other but I'm not opposed to changing the whole thing either. Looking for somewhat of a...
  14. V

    Need help understanding what effect this is

    Attached is a pic of a sticker that was made for me from a PS expert several years ago and it no longer is valid for my new sticker that I want to make. I want to do the same thing except it's on a different bike. In a nut shell you will see Darth Vader's face portion of his helmet coming out of...
  15. Markie Jordan-Madden

    Going from Free Photoshop to...?

    I've convinced myself that I'm going to graduate from the free Photoshop CS2 that I'm currently using to a paid version of Photoshop. However, in looking at things, it seems that you can either get Photoshop CS6 for the whopping price of $699, or you can do the monthly/yearly CC subscription...
  16. C

    Help me make this photo look normal?

    This may sound a little vague, but I have this photo I really like of me jumping. Can anyone help me make the lighting and contrast look a bit more normal? Also if you could fix the weird border thing that is going on, that would be great. Thank you so much!! :cheesygrin:
  17. L

    Animating a GIF correctly in CC

    Hello! I would need some help with a thing im making for my workplace, its an animation GIF thats made so people would notice that our local radio station also exist at facebook. Iits supposed to phase away some stuff but its like frames disappear so it doesnt look as good as it does in...
  18. L

    Anyone know how to make these "tumblr 3D aesthetics" kind of effect ?

    Hi guys ! i'm actually in the making of a project for my art class, and i'm stuck at trying to create 2 things i often see on Tumblr. The first thing is a "3D deformed grid" which i guess is often made with the help of blender/3ds max/maya, but i don't really have the time to do it on these...
  19. D

    black and white

    Is there a difference between B/W and desaturate? They both do the same thing (take out the colors), right?
  20. T

    Blotchy areas on gray seamless

    hey guys! been shooting some product work and shot for the first time on gray seamless. I noticed after shooting the seamless looked blotchy/almost pixelated in certain parts. viewing the raw file in both photoshop and lightroom showed the same thing. wondering what the easiest and fastest...