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  1. M

    [Specific] Make the denim stripe for more with the dog, without changing the dog.

    Maybe make it more 3D? Ignore the top black stripe.
  2. J

    Remove snapchat title

    Can somebody please remove the "buzz smyth 32s ago from the top left corner", thank you in advance
  3. X

    Need help creating object from scratch

    Need help creating object from scratch to post an image of it on a site. Description will be provided via PM or Email for anyone interested in the project. Thanks! - Luke
  4. J

    Could someone remove sign from this photo please

    Hi all, Wondering if anybody would be kind enough to help me with this image. I need to remove the toilet sign hanging from the ceiling in the top left corner and obviously edit the space left to be a continuation of the wall/ceiling. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  5. K

    Photoshop CC 2015 always on top...

    I was using this version for a long time now and recently it started to act weird. For some reason, photoshop stays always on top until I alt-tab to a different window. It goes over windows task bar and is especially annoying because I can't use Quixel suite and similar software properly - each...
  6. J

    Duplicating or moving a layer makes it jump to top of list

    When I duplicate a layer, or move it's order, it automatically scrolls my layers list to make it at the top. Is there any way to stop that? I'm using photoshop CC.
  7. C

    How to resize an image on top of another image

    I have an image on layer 2 on top of my background image, and want to resize it the image on layer 2. How is this done?
  8. C

    How to add in a new image as an extra layer

    Hi there, I have an image as my background layer already and want another image on top of this one as a second layer, how do I do this?
  9. T

    HI! Please remove the four people....

    Hi, Could you please remove the four people furthest to the right aka ( woman with hat, guy in black shirt, guy in green shirt and the girl in the black top and white shorts) ------------ please do not remove the two girls farthest to the left ( girl in blue shorts and girl in grey top)...
  10. W

    Make me smile in the photo

    OK. I know it's a bit of an odd request, but I'm hoping someone here could help me make my portrait better? I look too serious/innocent/creepy in the picture so I'd like it if you can photoshop my smile? Also, please make my white top a little less baggy. thanks
  11. N

    I have the pictures, will you just put them together?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could create something kinda like this: (the part on the left-hand side not the writing on the right) but with the pictures and words I give you? Can I have this image: its the picture of the CESSNA172 And then could I have in writing around it say CAS LTD...
  12. P

    Easy Photo Request

    Hi, this is my first request. I need to remove the big "preview" watermark in the center and the small one on the top, im making this request because this is for a gift to my girlfriend.
  13. C

    Photoshop request(Miata)

    Question Photoshop Request? Im just wondering if someone could do me a favor that is decent with photoshop, as of now I have a white 1.8 miata with a tan top but I'm getting tired of the white. If someone could photoshop a black Miata with silver/chrome advanti storm s1 wheels and a tan soft top...
  14. E

    Another photoshop request

    Can someone photoshop the picture so the strawberries disappear (replace them with the color of the tank top) and make the denim short shorts into black compression shorts?
  15. X

    curves with white on the bottom left and black on the right top

    Hello, I try to use curves with black on the bottom left and white on the right top but I get by default the contrary curves with white on the bottom left and black on the right top. How can I inverse the colors ? Thank you in advance for your answers
  16. A

    Please help correct Album Cover color

    Is it possible someone can please make the more yellowish cover (larger one) look more like the one with the stereo sign on top? I want the colors to match and be more realistic. Thanks!
  17. R

    Need help with my subreddit character

    Hey everyone im the moderator of and I was wondering if someone is able to make me a Snoo (character of the top left) from this pic something cartoony with blue eyes ? Thank you in advance
  18. S

    Put dreads on top of these eyes

    Can someone put some vector black dreads on top of these eyes. i attached the pic of someone with dreads, that's the style i want it but in a front view with the hair coming down to that sort of length. make sure you get the hair line like the person in the picture. The dreads don't have to be...
  19. C

    Recolour my top pleaseee

    Hey, I need the colour of my top in the first photo darkened to match the one in the second (so it looks like they were taken at the same time) Thanks so much x
  20. Eggy

    Guess the macro 05

    Quiet here, so lets play. What is this and I'm talking about the top section of the picture, not the flowery texture