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Please help correct Album Cover color

Is it possible someone can please make the more yellowish cover (larger one) look more like the one with the stereo sign on top?
I want the colors to match and be more realistic.


Accurate color reproduction, which is essentially what you are asking for, is a surprisingly difficult topic.

If you go to Google Images and type in {dean martin dino italian love songs album}, you will see a page full of reproductions of this album cover, each of which has slightly different colors. The reason for this is because many of the versions that you see were likely produced by someone who honestly thought that their version had the "best" or "most accurate" color. Obviously, they didn't agree on this.

So, before I would start any work on your request, my first question to you is whether or not you have a calibrated monitor and fully color managed workflow. If you don't have these things, or don't even know what these terms mean, then you should realize that your system is almost certainly misleading you with respect to colors -- maybe a lot, or maybe just a little. But this problem will almost certainly make you select a "goal" example (ie, to show us) that is not what you truly want.

Even more confusing is that even if you own this album, and can actually hold the physical object in your hand and compare it to what you see on your monitor, even with this, you may still select a bad "goal" example because of the lack of calibration of your system.

To make matters even more difficult, there is the issue of aging of the dyes and paper of an old album. This adds the additional question of whether you want your (color) goal to be how the album cover looked when it was first released or how it looks now, after it has aged for 40 or more years. Also, there is the additional question of whether the colors on the freshly printed album cover were as good as what can be done now.

With the above issues in mind, until we hear back from you on whether you have a recently calibrated high quality monitor, what I have done is my purely subjective color correction: I have tried to make the image look as good as possible to me on my color calibrated and managed system. This means that it almost certainly doesn't look like your goal image looks on your system, but if send this version (or Ged's) to a good printer or if it was viewed by anyone with a color calibrated system, the colors will likely look reasonable, subjective differences not withstanding.

Hope you like it.

Tom M

PS - All of the above can be summarized by saying that basically, I don't believe that your goal image was the best choice ... unless you have a system that has been fully and independently calibrated with a separate hardware device, and for some reason, unknown to us, that is indeed exactly what you want.


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Ahh ... I see Ged once again beat me to the punch by a few minutes, LOL. It's interesting to see how close our two completely independent versions came out. The main difference that I see is that I added a bit of sharpening (...maybe too much), but I also cleaned up a lot of the little black and white flecks all over the starting image, but particularly visible against the white background on the RHS. However, I did leave some of the paper detail (especially visible along the RH edge) that he cleaned up.

FWIW, I think the colors of the text are a bit more saturated in mine.


PS - I now see that I should have also cleaned up some of the cyan that popped up on Dino's white collar (ie, like Ged did, LOL).
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...dialed back the sharpening, added some NR, reduced cyan cast on lapels, added some color & texture back into the blown shoulder of the sweater.



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Thanks wow! You guys did such terrific job i Had one more request if may. This cover..
Im attaching 2 vinyl photos, the real colors are somewhere in between them.
Can you please help correct the colors of first photo? Maybe its too yellow

Other 1 6.40.50 PM.jpgIMG_2055.PNGIMG_2059.PNG