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  1. J

    New here

    hello everyone, My name is josh. Im from atlantic canada and married and I'm a father to a 1 year old. The reason I signed up is because I coach a baseball team and we are in constant need of graphics that need updating and I honestly don't know anyone who is capable to photoshop stuff or do...
  2. C

    help for audio book cover

    hello i am new here me and my friends starting to record a book by Carlos Castaneda (the teachings of don Juan) with Persian language its In the final stages of this work We plan to spread this on all social networks (Instagram telegram whats app) and Persian language channels for free but we...
  3. C

    Help editing photo for book cover

    Hello, This is my first time on here. I hope I'm doing things correctly. I would like to find someone who can edit a photo for me for a book cover. I want the man in the photo to be cut out and I want a dispersion effect starting on the right side of his face going upwards. He's a vampire who...
  4. Z

    Request: Changing hair color on album cover

    Hey I was wondering if you could do a edit of the Witness Album cover by Katy Perry. I want instead of blonde hair to be Black hair. Album cover: Examples of the black hair: Thanks :)
  5. L

    Photoshop request (new to site)

    Hi everyone I am new to the site and don't really know my way a round yet. I am looking for someone to put a couple of pictures together for me for some cover art for a song I am making. Please gurus get back to me with any help. Thank you Liam!
  6. E

    help with psychedelic filters and glitch on portraits

    Any tips on how to achieve this kind of glitch. what filter should I use? and also this one tame impala's album cover lonerism
  7. M

    How to animate/cartoon yourself

    Hey I've practiced on a few techniques from tutorials but I'm really liking how this was done on this cover here. Anyone have any tips on how to achieve this look in photoshop, is this a plugin or something?
  8. A

    Need Cover Restored/Edited

    Hello, i need this first cover to be edited and restored to remove the blemishes. And make colors look more like second one. Is this possible and how much would it be? thanks
  9. A

    Please help correct Album Cover color

    Is it possible someone can please make the more yellowish cover (larger one) look more like the one with the stereo sign on top? I want the colors to match and be more realistic. Thanks!
  10. IamSam

    We need a new FACEBOOK cover photo!

    Our Facebook page is needing some maintenance and we need a Cover Photo! Quite awhile back we held a contest of sorts for creating the graphics for the page. Those images were utilized for the profile picture but nothing was made for the cover photo. I don't think this needs to be a contest...
  11. B

    [Specific] Cover for a dj mix

    Hi everyone, I need a cover photo for my mix. Something along the lines (pictures below) where it should write: DJ BornA - House Mix Thanks in advance everyone :)
  12. S

    Please remove the background of these pictures and touch it up

    Recently, we had a photo shoot that was influenced by this magazine cover of Edgar Ramirez. Is there any way to remove the backgrounds of these 2 pictures, and make it look similar to the cover? Thanks!!
  13. L

    Facebook Cover (Simple)

    Delete Post can be deleted.
  14. S

    Create an Album Cover?

    Hello! Would it be possible for someone to turn this in to something that looks like an album cover for a band called 'The Four Planners'? It's just a bit of a laugh for some work colleagues so feel free to be creative!!!! Thanks in advance, Joe.
  15. M

    What kind of effect is this? and how would I do so with a Picture of myself?

    So i liked how he looks on his album cover , like you can tell it has some sort of cartoonish effect to it, would anyone know how to do this?
  16. B

    Logic - Under Pressure album recreation

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can photoshop my face onto the logic album cover art for under pressure. Replace the face that is on the cover with my face and hair, but keep the colors. I know this will probably be pretty hard. Thank you so much to anyone who gives it a try. I'm just...
  17. J

    hello logo and cover photo needed

    hello i am opening a store called empire vape selling e juices and i need a logo and cover photo to draw the attention of customers i want some thing that will smack them in the face ( not literally ) and attract them to my company, i need a photo which would be the logo i was thinking along the...
  18. Z

    Need help fitting album art into my CD cover.

    Okay, so I have these two pictures that go into an album cover, front and back (along with the two sides of the case), and I only get one shot at printing both of the images (library printer). Here are the two photos: Right. So I imagine since the second image has both sides of the CD as...
  19. thePixelPixie

    Need to reconfigure image to fit different dimensions...

    Hi there, I'm a long-time Illustrator user, but only rarely use Photoshop. But I just got a client project that requires a bit more complexity than I'm comfortable with currently. Trying to figure out the best way to do this, so I'm hoping some experts here will be willing to give me some...
  20. C

    Photoshopping an album cover

    I would like to change the text on the cover of Bastille's Good Grief but have not found a font that's even similar. I've try to use font identifiers online but two fonts intersect each other and I cant figure out how to separate them. Here's a link to the picture. Thanks!