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help for audio book cover


New Member
i am new here
me and my friends starting to record a book by Carlos Castaneda
(the teachings of don Juan) with Persian language
its In the final stages of this work
We plan to spread this on all social networks (Instagram telegram whats app) and Persian language channels for free
but we need a good cover for this.I visited most sites And I did not see anything Which is similar to the story of this book.If anyone can create an interesting cover for our audio book It will be a great help to us.The content of the cover should be such as to give the viewer an interesting sense
Something like scene of talking a Mexican old man with Carlos Castaneda
And the things mentioned in the story Like a wolf-Magician-Eagle-peyote
Hallucinogenic fungus-jimsonweed

I would like to mention that this cover artwork is for this audio book،There will be about two million viewers Or even more

Let me know if anyone wants to help. :D
Thank you so much


Staff member
Have you considered using something similar to the original printed book cover art? This series of books has some interesting cover art.

What text do you want on the cover?


New Member
I already saw the original cover of the book
And it's not good at all
The initial idea was to have two pages
The front page will show an old cassette where the name of the book is written
The narrator of the story
And also the name of the main channel of the storyteller
The second page is about drawing a scene from Carlos and Don Juan
And story content
Yes, I read the story perfectly
And I feel that،this story has interesting special effects
When reading a story
You can imagine in your mind

And we want these two pages for uploading to the social networks and channels I've already said.