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cover designs

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    help for audio book cover

    hello i am new here me and my friends starting to record a book by Carlos Castaneda (the teachings of don Juan) with Persian language its In the final stages of this work We plan to spread this on all social networks (Instagram telegram whats app) and Persian language channels for free but we...
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    ARC MUSIC'S Latest Cover designs

    These are my latest designs for our latest release out 26th June 2012 via ARC Music. Please feel free to leave any comments on the designs and styles :)
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    Latest Releases from ARC Music - Cover designs

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    My first set release of Album Covers for ARC Music Productions

    Hi, I am a graphic designer at ARC Music Productions and these are a couple of CD covers that I created for my first set since taking the job. I have uploaded these and will be uploading more as they are released in hope of getting feedback on how effective they are in selling the CD and...