1. C

    help for audio book cover

    hello i am new here me and my friends starting to record a book by Carlos Castaneda (the teachings of don Juan) with Persian language its In the final stages of this work We plan to spread this on all social networks (Instagram telegram whats app) and Persian language channels for free but we...
  2. MrToM

    Just Messin'

    Nothing but PS... 0:15 NO AUDIO Regards. MrToM.
  3. F

    After Effects Synching video with audio

    Hi, was wondering how this person got their video to work so well with the music. Example: Does anyone know how the above video was done?
  4. MrToM

    Is It Just Me..? #6 CC 2015.5.1 Guide Glitch...

    The problem: Using the 'Rotate View' tool (R) causes guides to erase themselves when zooming. :banghead: It appears to be just from one end as the guides are removed from the same end regardless of rotation. Here is what happens... 0:50 No Audio. So...Is it just me? Regards. MrToM.
  5. A

    add audio to a GIF in CS5

    Hi, First time posting so be gentle! I'll try to be as thorough as I can... What do I want from you? I want to add audio to my GIF in CS5 and would like you to tell me how I can do this. Note: I would like to save the GIF including the audio fragment in 1 format. Where did I get stuck...
  6. U

    After Effects Plugin for generating the entire audio waveform seekbar?

    Is there any plugin or extension for After Effects, that is designed for generating the entire audio waveform seekbar? I've heard about the audio spectrum visualizer plugins for After Effects, but I haven't heard anything about the waveform seekbar generators. Perhaps this feature is already in...
  7. S

    Cropping a complicated image from a complicated background?

    Good afternoon everyone!For the past few days, i've been trying to cut away a peice of audio from a screenshot of my music program.Here's an example: I'm essentially trying to get this:(my first initial "crop-out")I wanted to know if there was a cleaner, more efficient way I could remove the...