1. N

    best matching color

    assuming my photos are always with the same, correct white balance and exposure, can i match some part of the tooth with known L,a,b values of dental shaders? I was working on that long time ago but now got more time to go back. How to colorize the tooth according to each shader?
  2. furyy

    Please remove the lady from this image

    Hey guys! Can you help remove the lady on the right and match the lighting of the skirt? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. X

    Minnie Mouse red to pink

    Hello everyone! I cannot figure how to get the red to be pink, can someone please help? I?m new to photoshop and can?t quite get it. I need it to be pink to match their birthday theme
  4. N

    Panorama problems

    I tried to make a panorama of a beach, but because the water is moving and there werent any strong landmarks to match photoshop can't stick the middle. Is there any easy techniques to get around this?
  5. P

    Match color scheme from 2 photos

    Hi, I did a search here and couldn't find the information I was looking for and I also searched elsewhere online with no results. Maybe someone here can help. I have a series of cityscape photos I took on my phone from behind windows. Perhaps it was the time of day I took the pictures where...
  6. M

    Please Help Photoshop Honda CBR Motorbike

    Hi everyone, I really like the blue/gold bike attached but would love to see it with the 'Repsol' logo on it as well as the bottom-side sponsor logos from the other bike. Can this be transferred in gold to match the blue bike? Very much appreciated if someone does this! I've tried to make it as...
  7. A

    Please help correct Album Cover color

    Is it possible someone can please make the more yellowish cover (larger one) look more like the one with the stereo sign on top? I want the colors to match and be more realistic. Thanks!
  8. M

    Photoshop House Exterior Colours

    Hi there, was just wondering if someone could please help modify/photoshop some changes to the front of the house. Things: - Colour garage roller door to match same colour as roof - Colour driveway to match roof - Colour window frames to match roof - Bring the bricks to life (as in try to...
  9. S

    Need a quick crop and edit!

    Hello, I was wanting to see if anybody could crop some images for me and mash them together. I would like the crystal ball and hands from this picture only cropped out. I would like to replace the head on the poster with this head just cropped out and sized down to match with the hands. And...
  10. G

    Team photo + member on new layer

    Hello, I have taken a photo of a basketball team. 1 person was not present that day and was inserted later in Photoshop. Cutting him out was easy, but the trouble is the lightning of both pictures was different: - the skin color of the group is yellowish - the skin color of the single person is...
  11. A

    Can someone match the color of the bumper with the color of the car ?

    Hello guys. Can someone match the color of the bumper with the grey color of the car ?I tried several times to match it but with no results. Thank you !
  12. U

    merging two images, help

    Hello to all, I am in the process off making a book cover, the goal is to emboss Hitler´s face on to a Nobel price. I am having trouble to change the color and properties off his face to match the ones off the medal. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you very much
  13. R

    Matching color to the layer underneath

    Hi all first post. I am am making a quiz and one of the rounds I have chosen is movie posters. I have removed all mention of title etc. but I have also replaced the faces to those of the people taking part in the quiz. Just for a bit of fun. I have no no problems creating the layer to...
  14. D

    Need to see if changing the color is possible.

    Hello. I have a project that I have a little problem I have run into. In the image it's a 2 tone car and I need it to be all the same color. I've been trying to change the white areas to match the blue areas, but when I try to use the hue/saturation, it's not matching up. I'm wondering if making...
  15. D

    text how to match a black outline

    hi PSG i am trying to work out how to try match up the outline of the text "Free Quotation" up to "Handyman" many thanks guys.
  16. ZeroCool22

    Match grain/noise on a photomontage, is there a better method?

    A lot of tutorials show how reduce noise, but what i would like to know is the best way to match a noise/grain when u add an object/person to the photo, to make looks like that object/person was there since always. The "ADD NOISE" feature not always give good results, because it's a specific...
  17. revnart

    Gradient Map - from image

    Hi, any of you know an automatic way of creating gradient/gradient map from image or even better: from layer or selection? I really often need to change a colours of products for one of my clients, using different tools, hue and saturation+curves+ other tools but sometimes it just doesn't look...
  18. Eggy

    3D Fence Face 3D

    Yep, a lot of possibilities in PS 3D. This is an experiment, again, how to match the textures of the fence (postcard) and the face (*.obj). Please do comment.
  19. D

    Matching up 2 different picture qualities

    I am trying to blend separate pictures together so they both look like they were taken at the same time in the same place. I don't have a particular set of pictures to show as example (although I can find some if need be). I suppose the blend of hues to match up will pretty much just take...
  20. Marc_Gforce

    Guide me pls!

    I have two pictures. Let's call this picture is A And this picture is B I want to make B have the same color at A so I use Match color but when I do, it look like this Pls help me!!!!!!!!