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  1. chrisdesign

    Smoke over New York City

    The goal of this exercise was to improve texture mapping, particularly to match the rooftops of the adjoining buildings. Before After
  2. I

    How can you stitch together several images?

    I want students to create different parts of a character (head, middle and legs/feet) and mix and match them. Is there an easy was to do this?
  3. W

    Matching skintones

    I am now retired so with nothing to do, I fired up my Photoshop CS3 that I have had for awhile. Never had the time to try and learn it. But now I am trying to do fun things like put my grandkids picture on action figures or my wife's picture on whatever. Trying to match the skintones has been...
  4. P

    Layers are supposed to be same size but don't look like it

    see attach I have a template in the background. I have a selection from another image that I cut and pasted into the template. The obviously don't match and I want them to appear the same size (they are the same proportions) BUT I need them to match precisely, ie I need the image to fit...
  5. S

    New advice on texture

    Hello, I have some gold icons and I need to change their texture/color to match icons from Heroes 3 video game. Please, can anyone give me some basic ideas from where to start, I suppose is about filters? Picture from where to start: And I need to change their texture to match this As...
  6. Steve

    Matching Skin Tones

    Here's a tutorial that may help you to match skin tones.
  7. Z

    Color and tonal corrections in face swapping

    I am planning to surprise my boyfriend with a picture where his face is on my body in this picture. (Maybe his friend's, too I haven't decided yet :) ) However, I have problems with getting the skin tones to match. I use 'match color' and every time that I've tried the face has ended up losing...
  8. J

    Matching backgrounds of a triptych?

    I photographed a triptych of work which is mounted on identical backing. I shot each in RAW and adjusted the colour and contrast. This has meant that the backings no longer match. I'm not sure how to get them to match exactly without affecting the texture of the backing or the colour and...
  9. R

    Wrap a 3d solid in a paint scheme.

    Hi! My name is Remy, 26 years and I live in Holland. I'm beginner in Photoshop and can only do some simple things in Photoshop like photo editting ( remove object, colour correction etc) Or make simple folders. Now I have something completly different and I dont know how to start so I really...
  10. S

    photoshop color match question

    So I'm trying to get the black on this hood, to match the rest of the car. I'm not very skilled with photoshop but I did a ton of things on it already just can't do color stuff. Would someone mind matching the colors for me real quick? I would greatly appreciate it!!
  11. Paul

    Face changing test

    Just a bit of fun, anyone can have a go so please do. Change the original faces for any you see that might fit, could be superstars/rock stars/sports stars even your own family members, the idea is to match seamlessly to the original (make them look as one). Original image by Raphael Good...
  12. B

    Are You Afraid of The Dark?

    Hey everyone. I'm a newbie and I'm needing some help. I'd like to create a graphic with the following effect: I want to add my own text and I can get a stock image of a hand with a match. I just can't figure out how to make the text appear as if it is lit by the match only. Any help would...
  13. J

    I have 60 pictures of the same object but the light and the color varies between them

    I'm taking pictures of a product 360 degrees and noticed small variations of light and color and want to equalize between all images. I do not want to apply the same effect at all, so I do know the Automate. I want to adjust all the photos based on a standard photo with adjustable pre-defined...
  14. P

    Coloring and Matching Skin Color

    Hey guys! :) I'm working with 2 pictures of people. My goal is to replace the face-parts (lips, eyes etc.) with each other. So person 1 will get the mouth of person 2, and backwards. pretty simple, as all I have to do is match the skin color, and from now - piece of cake. (I actually said...
  15. T

    Photoshop sizes dont match

    Hi guys, im new to photoshop and am having a really wierd issue. I want to create an A4 size .psd file so i can create a poster for my business, but the problem is the sizes dont match. I choose to create a new document, set it to A4 with 300dpi, and what it does is it creates this HUGE...