Coloring and Matching Skin Color


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Hey guys! :)

I'm working with 2 pictures of people.
My goal is to replace the face-parts (lips, eyes etc.) with each other.

So person 1 will get the mouth of person 2, and backwards. pretty simple, as all I have to do is match the skin color, and from now - piece of cake. (I actually said piece of cake :p )

So, what I normaly use are only 2 tools: Hue/Saturation, and Color Balance.

Problem is - it's still pretty difficult to get perfect results. and beyond that, sometimes I just can't manage to get to even a normal solution. so it's very frustrating.

(You can skip to here instead of reading the begining)
My question is: What are all the tools that are used to match colors?
Any tips for me?

(Until now, what I basicaly did is: take the slider, move left - check if better. if not: move right - check if better, if not: return to center. like this with each slider of the 2 tools I mentioned above. doesn't sound very professional, huh?)

P.S. A reference to even a bunch of tutorials and guides about coloring, would mean THE WORLD to me, as around 60% of my Photoshop are coloring and stuff like that.

Thank you!


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Hi Pokiaka

I'll suggest using curves to match the skin tone and levels to lighten or darken the color.
There's more techniques related to this subject, but those are my favorites.

Hope this helps
Sounds great! thank you, I'll give it a try :)

I didn't read any of these but this is a search result for "Skin Color".

There may or may not be an answer there for you and some post will have nothing to do with your question but check them out, you may find something useful there.
Thank you! I couldn't find anything, but google did give me great helps.
for example to use the tool 'Match Color', I felt so foolish not knowing about it, and using any other tool except that. it actually gets a pretty good start! :)