1. T

    First try!

    Hi, this is my first try of some photoshop manipulation. Do anyone have some tips for better color matching?
  2. Steve

    Matching Skin Tones

    Here's a tutorial that may help you to match skin tones.
  3. ARUKman

    Elements 13?

    Hi, I have recently scanned some old black and white and colour photo's of my family ancestors. Many are torn and badly scratched and in need of regeneration. I have yet to purchase any module of Photoshop as I am unsure of what I need, but do not want to go to the expence of the full suite...
  4. J

    Matching perspectives between photos

    Photoshop newbie here... I have two photos of me playing cello taken from slightly different angles; one shows the whole instrument, and the other just the upper half. I want to take the bottom of the one image and combine it with the top of the other so that both show the whole cello, but...
  5. P

    Coloring and Matching Skin Color

    Hey guys! :) I'm working with 2 pictures of people. My goal is to replace the face-parts (lips, eyes etc.) with each other. So person 1 will get the mouth of person 2, and backwards. pretty simple, as all I have to do is match the skin color, and from now - piece of cake. (I actually said...
  6. O

    Matching paint and type.

    i can paint the bumper of this car but how do I get it to shine like the rest of the paint job? I've tried clone stamp, paint bucket and I'm going nowhere. I guess Images are not that large here, you can see it right before the driver's front wheel. It's flat and the color doesn't really match.
  7. P

    Matching color problem

    Hello, I am trying to change the colors of a house for a client with the result to be in both PDF and hard copy. Benjamin Moore paint swatches are downloaded in PS - CS-5 Before trying some other colors, I thought I would first try to color the house with the same color already on the...