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  1. Todoroki16315

    Specific Beach

    I wanted to know if you could photoshop me onto the beach. Could you also make my skin look nice and make me have muscles and abs. Not too much, just make me look lean. Thank you!
  2. I

    Specific Model Re-touch

    Hi, I am a model and on the day I did this shoot i did not look my best. Unfortunately the photographer did not re-touch the image. Some simple enhancement and skin clearing would be fantastic please. :) Thanks so much for your effort! I really appreciate all you creatives :D Elijah
  3. P

    Skin Tone

    Hello, Have you ever had this problem I have it only with this image. When I color match skin tones I get this strange result, I tried other images and the result is very good the problem is only with this image. I get the colors when I try different methods to change the skin tone. I attached...
  4. C

    Pls Help w/ Blown out Skin his Face

    Hi All, First time poster here. I was looking for some direction on how to fix his blown out skin in this photo? He turned his head while I was taking the photo and the sun was intense. I am still learning on PS and photography in general. I took the photo in RAW and have not down any...
  5. G

    Is it possible to get this green guy a natural skin tone?

    Hi, I'd need to give this guy a somewhat natural skin tone, or at least something warmer than this green. I've played around a bit but doesn't really get there. Any tips? cheers G
  6. T

    Photoshop my mom, please

    Hello, I'd like to have this photo of my mom touched up. I suppose what I am looking for is a great head shot of her as if she would be on the cover of a magazine. I mean, maybe not that extreme so as to make it unrealistic. But I would like her (the redhead) to: -Be alone in the photo...
  7. M

    Anyway to reduce flashglare from shiny skin?

    I've got this macroshot of a grasshopper, not that it is any speciel, but I would like to learn if there are some ways to reduce that glare in the skin from the flashes? I know, it should be done by softening the light in the first place, but that's a little too late now. I know I can just clone...
  8. Pipsmom

    Skin color

    Sometimes I get it right ..sometimes I don't, all according to the original photograph and dpi..... I'm interested to know if how do you consistently apply skin tone shades to get it right 100% of the time. Right now according to lighting, condition of the skin scan and other factors I apply a...
  9. G

    Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue to Natural?

    Skin Color Correction -How do I correct From Blue (from stage lighting) to Natural?
  10. P

    Creepy hands under skin

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone know a solution for combining texture of one photo in to another. I was trying to make a look alike picture as IMG_0545 . It looks like there are hands under the skin. I have tried to get the same results by combining picture 'IMG_0546.jpg' with...
  11. C

    Sun burn

    Hello, could someone please make the persons skin colour on the left softer (get rid of the red sunburnt skin) thank you
  12. S

    Could you please make my arms bigger/more muscular and my face skin smooth also?

    Please help! I am a DJ and this is my profile picture. Could you please make my arms bigger/more muscular and my face skin smooth also? Thank you so so much!
  13. F

    Recolor to drowish

    I would ask for help with recoloring a lady to have drowis color(blue) skin. Ill include a reference pic too.
  14. M

    Photoshop colouring fill request

    Hi Everyone, So I am just in the process of finalizing a few last minute items before my wedding in 2 weeks. One of which is for my photobooth, as we were asked to design the cartoon's we want on the photostrips as well as the 'touch to start' screens. Anyhow, so I spent a long time drawing...
  15. M

    Skin texture

    Hey gurus im kinda new to the whole photoshop thing but I have been doing some good edits recently but I have been seeing ppl on instagram have this skin texture that I**** really pleasing to the eye it almost look like a barbie do anyone think they could help me out with some videos or the name...
  16. N

    match skin tone

    i've made those photos with different light settings. I have RAW files but can't figure out how to make skin tone look similar. how should i make it similar?
  17. G

    Can someone please make his skin color black? I want to make a meme

    I would like to make a meme with his normal face and beside it him with a black face (Matt Leblanc - Matt Lenoir, got it?). So can anyone please photoshop his face black? Thanks Gianni909
  18. G

    Team photo + member on new layer

    Hello, I have taken a photo of a basketball team. 1 person was not present that day and was inserted later in Photoshop. Cutting him out was easy, but the trouble is the lightning of both pictures was different: - the skin color of the group is yellowish - the skin color of the single person is...
  19. B

    My neck is problem

    I looked at the picture of me when I saw the dark skin on the left of the problem Which method do I use?
  20. T

    Recomendations to retouch this skin

    What are some recomendations to help minimize the dark dots/spots on this image?