1. N

    Retouching Skin without loosing any details

    Tutorial about retouching Skin without loosing any details
  2. I

    Nice to meet you all:) (wannebeskinretoucher)

    hello you! my name is Bryan and im from the Netherlands, a few months ago i started trying out photoshop, i really like it and im learning new things every day! im alwas busy with retouching faces.. iknow every bodys perfect the way they are but still.. i really enjoy doing it.. i try...
  3. Godeshelm

    Editing thin, veiny infant skin

    Hi all, The reason I went looking for this site in the first place (which I'm very glad I did and should have done sooner) is because, as a newborn photographer, the most common difficulty I come across in editing my images is in correcting thin, veiny newborn skin. I find plenty of tutorials...
  4. L

    Beauty Edit

    A few years ago when I was just getting the hang of Photoshop, I would search on Etsy for faces to alter so that I could practice my editing. This is one from those times, I think I may have overdone the skin a bit but other than that I like it. Comments are always welcome, please tell me what...
  5. K

    Illustrator Please help, need to add Texture to object

    Hello, I need help adding textures (skin) to objects in Illustrator CS6. I am able to add the physical characteristics of the texture, but it's always masked by a color, as in, I can never just add the texture itself to box or background. I made sure to convert the texture I was using to PSD...
  6. blasteralfred

    How to acheive "exact" skin tone using Photoshop CS5

    Hi, I am "somewhat" beginner to Photoshop, means I have some experience with it. I use Photoshop CS5 Extended. If I want to change some skin tone, usually I go through some usual settings like levels, hue/saturation, brightness/contrast and finally curves. This always does it for me. But now...
  7. M

    Comment & help me out please!

    I made something up. The assignment is; make something unreal. Please help out with more idea's etc. Im open to any suggestion. THX! from this: To this:
  8. Carson

    Basic Skin Healing Tutorial

    The Photo-Tavern: How To Remove Pimples, Blemishes, and Scars. I had audio issues guys, sorry. If you can't view the video from the blog, you can view it here.
  9. J

    Skin Color Balance on Composite Image

    Hey guys, Looking for a little bit of help. First, a slightly longwinded explanation. Shooting the creative family Christmas card this year in a Mini-Cooper (original 60's one). Basically set my lighting up and then shot individual members in the car to post them together. The only snafu...
  10. I

    Skin color in "Color Balance"

    I know you are all going to say "it depends on the lighting" or "there are different skin tones", but I just need a simple starting formula, of which I can edit to work with the lighting. I just need a simple, generic caucasian skin color "Color Balance" formula, which can be applied to a...
  11. I

    After Effects Natural Skin Colour

    How can I make a natural looking skin colour in After Effects? I have a black and white clip, and I want to colour the man's face, I have a rotoscope around it, and I just need to know what tool, or filter, or whatever, can I use to get a natural looking skin colour? Thank you.
  12. Vafann

    First try at skin retouch

    This is the first time I have tried to retouch skin. I tried an inverted highpass technique tutorial, and then I tried some adjustments of my own. I was sloppy with the cutting out and the background, I was concentrating on the skin, I don´t know I well I did, is it too exaggerated? :)
  13. P

    Coloring and Matching Skin Color

    Hey guys! :) I'm working with 2 pictures of people. My goal is to replace the face-parts (lips, eyes etc.) with each other. So person 1 will get the mouth of person 2, and backwards. pretty simple, as all I have to do is match the skin color, and from now - piece of cake. (I actually said...
  14. marcosgnfilho

    Retouch [Color, skin, lens]

    Hey everyone! I'm new here so I would like you to know a little from my fun time on pohtoshop. I like to change just some details, colors and improve quality of pics and try give then a diferent look. There's some of it: (Of course, "before" on the left, "after" on the right...
  15. Hoogle

    started out as a simple skin touch up

    I was actually recording at the time was going to make a tutorial for youtube on basic spot healing etc but 1 thing lead to another so now I guess I will have to do it as speed art what do you think.
  16. S

    Face morphing - mixing skin colours

    hi! im new in photoshop and im interested in face manipulation - morphing i saw a vid on youtube and tried it myself, but im having difficulties with combining the skin colours. how can i smooth the transfer between the two faces and apply the background skin colour on to the edited nose and...
  17. B

    3D realistic human skin 3d

    hi everyone im 3d animation artist and please can you help me about making realistic human skin textures thanks