1. S

    how to make a object look like its under the skin

    Hi can anyone help me please, how can i make a object look like it's under the skin please? would like to do hands under the skin round a throat thank you
  2. J

    Need some retouching/manipulation for a modeling shot

    Hi how's it going guys, I have a modeling shot that I really like and want to use, but there are some flaws that need to be fixed. I'll outline what I need fixed, and if anyone who's really good with photoshop could help me out, that would be great (for a service fee of course). First, I need...
  3. J

    how can i retouch to such skin ?

    Hi all, how can i achieve such skin retouching ? is it by gassiaun blur or surface blur with a layer mask and brush on ? i greatly appreciate your kindness help =)
  4. F

    Similar Skin

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could point in to a tutorial or could tell me how to get the skin looking clay-like without going overboard or even one where they look wax/porcelain-like but I can take what they did and tone it down. Ultimately, below is what I am going for with portraits but I...
  5. E

    Editing a striped shirt and clothing issue

    I have a photo of my 3 girls that I would like to edit. The shirt is all bunched up and her skin is showing. Either I want to be able to fix this and cover her skin or somehow make her shirt 1 solid color if possible.
  6. F

    grainy skin/ polish

    I was wondering if someone could tell me how to get this grainy skin look and also to make my images as polished overall as the 1st and 3rd images. They seem to be using a plugin for that polished effect but I'm not sure.
  7. R

    livery/ skin - creation for racing vehicle

    dear all, I am a complete newbie, but i have managed to learn step by step, and i usually don't immediately ask or post or go to someone for help. this is something special though i am creating, for a brother/ dedication piece to a brother in arms, who lost his life overseas this summer. (he...
  8. M

    Retouching: Reducing / removing acne and rosacea from face in Photoshop (removing blo

    Hi there I am new to posting to this forum, but I've been reading it for quite some time. I'm very much a novice in Photoshop and I've been experimenting with removing acne in Photoshop. With very minor cases I've been able to successfully remove the acne in a realistic way (not too soft, all...
  9. A

    Techniques for soft, low contrast, outdoor photos of people, especially children

    i am a big fan of the photographer "Said Mhamad" and wondering how he get the color tones of the images and SKIN tones... here are the samples.. Skin tone. skin tone + image color i will thank full if someone can guide me to achieve this skin color through his own guide or tutorial...
  10. T

    Help with skin tones

    I'm an experienced user of Photoshop (using CC 2015 at present), but on photos that have never required any adjustment of skin tones. The type of things that I usually photograph don't involve skin tones. However, a new grandchild has changed this. Daughter-in-law is snapping photos of the...
  11. M

    Improving cell phone camera head shot (was: Removing wrinkles)

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Photoshop and I would like to edit my photo: - removing wrinkles (forehead, under eyes, the right cheek (left in picture)) - because of my glasses, you do not see skin under the edge of my glasses: I want this to be changed Can anyone help me with this?
  12. chrisdesign

    Wake me up!

    This is a practice challenge for everyone. No winners, no loosers...just having fun. Open her eyes, maybe add a new background, maybe retouch her skin, add jewelry, everything is allowed, as long as you keep it friendly. Click to enlarge and use it for your work.
  13. E

    What tools/filters for retouching face/complexion ?

    What tools/filters should I use for making someones face/complexion look better (in photoshop). - ie: better complexion and a bit more smooth skin.. (its popular in Asian Photos and it makes the face look slightly plastic). here are typical examples of what I mean:
  14. Steve

    Matching Skin Tones

    Here's a tutorial that may help you to match skin tones.
  15. B

    Hey there! First day on the forum, very excited to learn some things :)

    hello all! Just wanted to stop in and say hi, as well as get some helpful tips on where to begin posting. My fiancé and I, just got out engagement photos done. We LOVE them, but lighting was definitely a problem, as well as the hot weather (my hair, and his fair skin). We would love to have a...
  16. J

    need help on correct skin tone

    Dear all, i try to collect my model skin tone using curves, brush, saturation and lumbiance in camera raw however i still can't get the correct skin tone any professional out there can advise me on how can i get this going ? appreciate much. thank you.
  17. S

    Removing Leopard Skin

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can help. I am using Photoshop Elements Editor 12 and want to be able to remove a leopard skin pattern dress colour and change it to a simple black or navy. I attach a small extract of the pattern. I want the image to look realistic, not a blank colour block...
  18. D

    Adding or Modifying Skin Pores Texture in Photoshop

    Hi, I have a question about skin pores. Is there a brush that can add the texture of skin pores? There is a retoucher called Rare Digital Art in New York City and the skin pores they do are really done beautifully. Could this be a brush? The model is January Jones Here is a link to the...
  19. C

    Fixing skin tone due to background sun

    Hey guys. This'll be my first post on this forum. I've never been that into photography and image editing until I got my hands on PS and realized how amazing the process is and how many changes you can make. I actually spend quite a bit of time messing with pics in my spare time now. That said...
  20. W

    Creating infrared skin tones in Photoshop

    Hello all! I have a particular problem with a film shoot I am in R&D on at the moment. I need a few of my characters' skin tones to have an infrared quality to it, but want the rest of the scene to be in normal visible light. So it's literally only the skin that is infrared. See image for...