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Skin color


Sometimes I get it right ..sometimes I don't, all according to the original photograph and dpi..... I'm interested to know if how do you consistently apply skin tone shades to get it right 100% of the time. Right now according to lighting, condition of the skin scan and other factors I apply a foundation coat of F2eaC3, Color blend, opacity 3-10% to even out any discoloratons and even the skin tone.....then CMD J and change the color to C3a5a5, opacity anywhere from 5-17% so its not too pink

Is there another way to get the tone correct all the time?

Before picture scanned from a book


Judge Thomas Molloy Meriwether.jpg
After cleaning up the picture, make a new layer blend mode set to color and pick one of the colors of the chart below but you'll have to experiment...

View attachment 77021

Totally agree - have your original image open and the image @Eggy has provided open as well and then use the colourpicker tool ( while using the brush tool hold down the alt key to bring up the colourpicker ) to choose an appropriate flesh colour from the reference image. I wouldn't fixate on hex codes for thecolour.


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It's a very good restoration Pipsmom, and the skin tone color is perfect.
Though my general impression is that the image looks a little to soft, comparing it to the original foto.

If you don't mind I show you what kind of look I would go for.
I added the original image to your final image, retouched a few spots and softened the background, set the blend mode to soft light.
Like this I got back some of the original 'texture' . I think this looks more believable now.

Of course this is just my personal preference.

Judge Thomas Molloy Meriwether chris.jpg
Thank you ChrisDesign, I am guilty of over softening sometimes in the Portraiture filter here at the end...... I try to constantly remind myself what you said way back when I started about over softening and try to keep a crisp line but sometimes it just my mood that day :rolleyes: