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  1. J

    Tone multiple photos to match main photo tone

    Hey peeps I have one main photo (front-page-hero) which has the tone just right, and then a bunch or other photos I chose that match as close as possible, but not 100% (some are a little greener or bluer). How can I create a filter from my main photo and use that to apply to all my other photos...
  2. A

    [help]How to make my picture into same tone like this one?

    Hi guys.. can you help me with this problem? I have picture that i want to make that pic into wedding theme *gloomy. But I cant make that foto like these two (2 pic on the butom) This is my photo ----> Photo that i want -> I need some tutorial/ tips to change my picture into greate one...
  3. G

    Is it possible to get this green guy a natural skin tone?

    Hi, I'd need to give this guy a somewhat natural skin tone, or at least something warmer than this green. I've played around a bit but doesn't really get there. Any tips? cheers G
  4. T

    Photoshop my mom, please

    Hello, I'd like to have this photo of my mom touched up. I suppose what I am looking for is a great head shot of her as if she would be on the cover of a magazine. I mean, maybe not that extreme so as to make it unrealistic. But I would like her (the redhead) to: -Be alone in the photo...
  5. Pipsmom

    Skin color

    Sometimes I get it right ..sometimes I don't, all according to the original photograph and dpi..... I'm interested to know if how do you consistently apply skin tone shades to get it right 100% of the time. Right now according to lighting, condition of the skin scan and other factors I apply a...
  6. D


    Can anyone begin to quantify what makes the difference between these two sets of photos in terms of post (obviously the second grouping is being lit with a much bigger source). Thanks to the forum I learned that there is some matte effect going on with the tone curve in the latter pair, but it...
  7. M

    Photoshop colouring fill request

    Hi Everyone, So I am just in the process of finalizing a few last minute items before my wedding in 2 weeks. One of which is for my photobooth, as we were asked to design the cartoon's we want on the photostrips as well as the 'touch to start' screens. Anyhow, so I spent a long time drawing...
  8. P

    Team Banner&Icon

    Hey guys. I have a team and we need a banner. Our name is Blue Monsters. So i would like someone to give this pic a blue tone, and type Blue Monsters on it with a creepy font. And maybe you could give a blue tone to the eye picture.
  9. C

    Background change, skin tone and hair curls remove

    Anybody please refine the hair curls and even the skin tone and change the background of that image...If you can, also change the costume...Please help me...Thank you
  10. N

    match skin tone

    i've made those photos with different light settings. I have RAW files but can't figure out how to make skin tone look similar. how should i make it similar?
  11. M

    How to get this cold Nordic look in Photoshop?

    Hello. I'm new guy. No matter how i make picture, no matter how many different photoshop actions i been trying, still no picture look like those pictures. 1)How is this look or tone called? I know there are like Vintage tone that is kinda pink. Is there name of this? 2)How i get this look...
  12. W

    Help me ...I need to change everyone body tone

    I want to make make the body color same for everyone. How can i do that ? Please help me Guide me.
  13. J

    need help on correct skin tone

    Dear all, i try to collect my model skin tone using curves, brush, saturation and lumbiance in camera raw however i still can't get the correct skin tone any professional out there can advise me on how can i get this going ? appreciate much. thank you.
  14. M

    Gold Tone

    Hey guys I have a image that I would like to have a gold tone. I want the whole image colorize with a gold tone, does anyone know of a way I can acheive this? Thanks
  15. JustThisGood

    Create the perfect Sepia Tone Effect!

    Thanks for watching PSG!
  16. L

    Making a new selection area the same colour tone as a another specified area.

    Well, I guess I couldn't really put my message across succinctly in the title.. Guess a picture speaks a thousand words :thumbsup: Notice that there are some purplish areas on the person's jacket. I wanted to make the purplish areas the exact green colour tone as the rest of her jacket...