Photoshop my mom, please

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Hello, I'd like to have this photo of my mom touched up. I suppose what I am looking for is a great head shot of her as if she would be on the cover of a magazine. I mean, maybe not that extreme so as to make it unrealistic.
But I would like her (the redhead) to:
-Be alone in the photo.
-Improved skin tone (less sunburn on chest)
-Thin out her double chin/neck area slightly
-Remove clasp from necklace.
Thank You!!


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Sorry John, but your image is not in compliance with the freelance rules.

Requirements for WM (watermarks) are that they:

  • cover a substantial portion of the image,
  • cannot be easily edited out without image destruction,
  • make the image unusable as is.
Thank you! I like it! Can you do a little more work on the sides of her neck to "smooth out" the wrinkles and perhaps whiten her teeth just a shade? And what do you charge for this amount of work, please? Thanks again, Tracy
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