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  1. R

    Paris Metro sign

    Hello, World! This is my first time posting here. I took a picture of a Paris Metro sign that I'm rather pleased with, but I'm disappointed that half the glowing M was burned out. Can any PS wizard make the entire M light up? Thanks in advance!
  2. J

    Could someone remove sign from this photo please

    Hi all, Wondering if anybody would be kind enough to help me with this image. I need to remove the toilet sign hanging from the ceiling in the top left corner and obviously edit the space left to be a continuation of the wall/ceiling. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
  3. M

    Remove round plate?

    Hi everyone, I just got married on 6/9 and didn't hire as great of a photographer as advertised. Could someone please remove the round sewer plate next to us in this photo? I've already removed the chapel sign behind our heads, but am having difficulty with the plate. Thanks so much!!!:)
  4. D

    Please remove all people in the background, much appreciated!

    Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could help me by cropping out everyone in this picture other than the man in the front holding the "failure" sign. Hoping that it will just look like he is standing alone in front of a black wall holding that sign. Any help is greatly appreciated...
  5. P

    Need help w Neon Sign design for Tiki Hut

    Folks, Trying to edit an existing known graphic to reflect my last name for a custom Neon Sign for my newly constructed Tiki Hut. Changing the classic Donkey Kong logo to my last name, "Romkey Kong". Resolution isn't too critical...hopefully this doesn't violate any of the trademark rules.
  6. M

    Plz help

    Can someone make the attached image hold up two fingers like a peace sign asap
  7. A

    Please help correct Album Cover color

    Is it possible someone can please make the more yellowish cover (larger one) look more like the one with the stereo sign on top? I want the colors to match and be more realistic. Thanks!
  8. 1

    Font Problem in photoshop cs6,please help

    I have a font I would like to use within photoshop but the £ sign always reverts back to default font,the font i am trying to use does have the £ sign but just won't work,any suggestions please TYIA... also attached is a picture of what is happening... maybe there is something im doing wrong...
  9. P

    Hi! Need a sign and wooden removed from picture

    I'm wondering if anyone would be able to remove the sign and wooden pole from infront of the tank. It would be greatly appreciated!
  10. L

    making isometric patterns with photoshop

    I would like to emulate a certain pattern for now, so i can use it in my tattoo designs and on my sign maybe. can anybody shed some light on how i can do this pattern easily and precisely?
  11. agentmoeller

    Road sign

    Saw this sign in the neighborhood, and the evil little voice inside me told me I had to.....
  12. H

    Inserting vector

    Hi Everyone, I am zero level photo shop user. I have purchased a CV template online in PSD format. In the footer the original artist has used face book sign f and also had used BE for behance. I could delete Be (that ws the easy part ) . Now I want to create a linkedin sign (in) in the same...
  13. E

    Photoshop request

    Please photoshop this to make it look like I'm holding a peace sign. Thanks
  14. C

    Need this done for me

    I want the peace sign/hand over face so that peace sign is over my eye. NOTE FROM MODERATOR: Please don't remove the original request and replace it with other text (eg, "solved"). Doing this makes the thread nearly impossible to understand for anyone who comes upon it after you made that change.
  15. T

    Hidden-Revealing Overlay

    hi all. i am using photoshop cs 5 to create a project for a digital art presentation i have an idea to turn a picture into sort of like a peek-a-boo puzzle. basically, i want to use like say an original picture of a cat holding a sign but the symbols of the sign will be hidden/covered with an...
  16. gedstar

    Free Adobe Photoshop CC training course from Infinite Skills

    Thought this may be useful for anyone coming here looking to learn Photoshop "In this Adobe Photoshop CC training course from Infinite Skills, you will learn how to use the worlds most popular graphics and photo editing software. This training is designed for the absolute beginner, and you...
  17. Paul

    Please sign the petition
  18. T

    AX promotion

    Guys this sign will be at the center piece of my table in which I will be exhibitor showcasing my startup. Can you awesome guys/gals give me a suggestion or two to really make this sign POP when people walk by. I want people to definitely stop at my table upon seeing this sign. Well, at least...
  19. chrisdesign

    Turn me around

    Show me the frontside of the sign. Have fun!
  20. E

    Airbrush/colour matching assistance

    Im a bit of a photoshop lamen and the AUTO adjust option is my best friend :lol: in Elements 6, but lately I have been messing around so to speak with other the moment im putting a little video clip together and want use the following pic as a title page... However id like to...