1. J

    Illustrator Aranging/Overlapping PARTS of Objects

    Arranging/Overlapping PARTS of Objects I have a question about overlapping/arranging only PARTS of an object. In my attached example on the left the red object is arranged on top of the green object. As you can see it hides the top point of the green object. In the example on the right I drew...
  2. N

    Can't print a PS image so it is centered on a sheet w a HP 9800

    No matter what I have tried can't make it center, have to use a template with a wider top margin. Must be something simple I am missing. Thanks
  3. L

    Image Canvas Wrap Around

    Hi, Is there any way to wrap an image off the top of a canvas to the bottom? In other words, if I use the Move Tool to start pushing an element off the top of my canvas, is there any way to have the missing part at the top of the canvas start showing up at the bottom? I would also want to use...
  4. M

    Color swap on difficult piece

    Hi there. I have a photo of a linen top, where the coloring of the piece is a gradient running from the top to the bottom. I would like to take the "non-white" color and swap it with another while maintaining an authentic look. I've tried my typical methods of swapping colors, but I've never...
  5. 5

    Need some help with M&M Character

    Im trying the make the M&M that is cut in half right below the crispy logo but just cant get it. Can anyone help with how or a tutorial on how to? Im having trouble with the top.
  6. A

    Warm sun glow effect a little lost

    I posted this earlier but for some reason i cannot find it? Anyways here it goes again. I am trying to recreate the effect shown in the top picture. The fake sun on the top left hand corner. The top picture was created using picmonkey but i would have to pay monthly fees to use it and i have to...
  7. gautamz07

    Image smoothing

    Hey Guy ! wass up :D :D well actually i was editing an image and had a small difficulty . below is the image i am tryng to edit : i used the content-aware move tool to take off the happy diwali at the top : now this is how it look , see how rigid it looks on top :P , (look below)...
  8. B

    Paint bucket is not working correctly.

    I currently have two layers on my image. I am trying to use the basic paint bucket fill tool, and when I try to use it fills the entire layer (When I have the top layer selected), or it fills everything of the same color all across the image (When the bottom layer is placed as the top layer) It...
  9. S

    Moving The Option Bar

    Is there a way to move the option bar over to the right side of the screen. I like to have all my menus, bars and windows on the right had side of the screen and have been able to manage this with all i need to apart from the option bar. Currently its docked at the top and stretches all the way...
  10. S

    REQUEST: Avengers/Marvel theme

    Hey guys and gal, i appreciate you taking a peek at this random request. Anywho! So, as you can see we all posed like dorks being our marvel counterparts, its more of a joke that arisen when we decided that the bald guy in the middle is proffessor X ( hence his invisible wheelchair) but with...
  11. JustThisGood

    8 Photoshop Tips (That I Actually Use)

    Whats up PSG, Tell me what you think!