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Photoshop CC 2015 always on top...


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I was using this version for a long time now and recently it started to act weird.
For some reason, photoshop stays always on top until I alt-tab to a different window. It goes over windows task bar and is especially annoying because I can't use Quixel suite and similar software properly - each time I click on photoshop, quixel panels become hidden behind it (even though all quixel panels are set to be "always on top").

Googling for a solution didn't help. So I'm posting here in hopes that maybe someone has any ideas what may be causing this?

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about (I intentionally made a smaller window to properly show that it overlaps everything):

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Hi and welcome to PSG

The first thing I would suggest is resetting PS preferences

Failing that you could try re-installing PS using the Adobe Cleaner Tool to remove it first

I think I remember reading a similar issue with PS over in the Adobe forum but can't find the post, maybe you could check out over there as well
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Resetting preferences did not help. However, it did help to find out a culprit and it was Lazy Nezumi. I needed it for some delicate patterns that I had to make by hand. And after I deleted photoshop's preferences (I made a backup, don't panic!), I launched it and saw that taskbar doesn't go behind ph's window until Nezumi pops up.
I guess I'd better report this issue to developers of Lazy Nezumi then...

Apologies for wasting space here :)
No apologies needed, glad you got it sorted and thanks for reporting back with the solution as it may help other members who have a similar issue :thumbsup:
P.S. we're always here to help so feel free to drop by anytime and take up all the space you want :cheesygrin:
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