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  1. K

    Photoshop CC 2015 always on top...

    I was using this version for a long time now and recently it started to act weird. For some reason, photoshop stays always on top until I alt-tab to a different window. It goes over windows task bar and is especially annoying because I can't use Quixel suite and similar software properly - each...
  2. admin

    Forum Software Update/Maintenance April 18, 2015 [Completed]

    We will be performing a forum software update this evening and will have about an hour of downtime. This update addresses number of bugs in vBulletin and should result in a smoother running forum. I'll let everyone know when the update is completed.
  3. yoda007

    Interactive PDF's buttons go missing after clicking a few times???

    Please advise regarding button issues occurring in an interactive PDF. I am working on an image gallery/brochure that has interactive buttons that navigate to specific pages within the file – I am using CS5 InDesign. I have created 5 interactive buttons all of which have been instructed upon...