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Interactive PDF's buttons go missing after clicking a few times???


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Please advise regarding button issues occurring in an interactive PDF. I am working on an image gallery/brochure that has interactive buttons that navigate to specific pages within the file – I am using CS5 InDesign. I have created 5 interactive buttons all of which have been instructed upon release to go to a specific destination in my document. When I export the CS5 InDesign document to an Interactive PDF file there seems to be some issues that occur. At first when viewing the newly created Interactive PDF file all the buttons work fine – but after scrolling and re-clicking on the buttons for a 3[SUP]rd[/SUP] or 4[SUP]th[/SUP] time I start to notice buttons disappearing?

Another issues is when working on the CS5 InDesign document at various stages I would export a portion of the file as an Interactive PDF just to have a look – and noticed that even though I saved my updates and file changes constantly in InDesign the exported PDF file did not always reflect my most recent changes and would still show an earlier PDF file? Is this a common bug with Acrobat Pro? Or is this a bug with InDesign’s exporting process? Or does this sound like my computer is ill?
Any advice, suggestions and thoughts would be deeply appreciated J