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help appreciated

  1. B

    Specific Perspective warp edit

    I'm editing a photo for a friend and trying to get the perspective of the car on this runway to look in scale and not floating off the ground. I've tried using the perspective warp tool but it still seems off Any edit would be appreciated!
  2. M

    Layers glitch?

    hello, Was working on an architectural perspective last night and open the file this morning to none of my texture layers being visible despite not being invisible in the layers panel. However, when I make a layer that I worked last on invisible, the rest of the layers are revealed without...
  3. cjrcooper

    Adjusting layer lengths

    Hi everyone, I'm working on batching some profiles for a project I've been assigned at work. I'm creating around 1k profiles and have most of the variables set up for batching. Everything is working fine except for one part of the specification. The spec requires certain icons (based off...
  4. K

    Specific Space Jam Logo Edit #40

    HI! My students have their state testing coming up and I want to be able to have the Space Jam logo say "Review Jam". I have tried SO many times and just can't get the colors right! This is an example of the logo!
  5. M

    Dying for some assistance!

    So, I have a new ID/ Badge printer (Fargo hdp5000) and every single time I print a face on the card, it gets this super weird effect. Now all the rest of the card template comes out excellent. I concluded it's not a problem with the printer, after doing a test print using the printers own test...
  6. I

    Specific Dollar bill

    Hello, I was wondering if someone would help me on this one edit I’m having trouble with. So the back of the dollar bill is what I’m trying to edit, I was wondering if someone could edit the “One Dollar” at the bottom of the bill to “ More Time” in the same font as the “one dollar font.” And I...
  7. M

    Specific Remove nose piercings please?

    Would someone be able to remove my nose piercings please? (stud & septum) I am in the process to create a LinkedIn profile, and silly me did not remove my piercings beforehand :( Would someone be able to do that for me please? Thanks! (I tried to do it myself but I am still super new to...
  8. 3itxian

    Help matching colours

    Hello everyone! I am just trying to get someone to help me! x) So, i have two versions of the same artwork; in one, the quality is amazing, but the colours are completely messed up, here: Then i have a stock photo that has the original colors, but in awful quality, here: (ignoring the fact...
  9. B

    Specific Photoshop help for christmas card

    I was wondering if some of you could photoshop my headd onto the body of Rasputin. Here is four pictures of med, and one of the Rasputin picture.
  10. N

    Question related to shading.

    I have been using photoshop for 4 months now and would like to see if my idea is possible. I have this stone wall texture that has lighting and shadows. I was wondering if it is possible to remove the wall but keep the shadows. If this is possible please let me know how it could be done. (Dont...
  11. N

    Specific Someone please edit this headset

    Can someone please edit this? Thank you! Please **Make it as realistic as possible!!** Even if you have to render the image a tiny bit lower quality. 1) Change the background to a different table (preferably a glass one) 2) Change the left earphone into a green one. 3) Move the broken...
  12. M

    Restoration can someone remove this jellybean? if its possible

    recently my grandmother passed away i has hoping to see if the jelly bean could be removed
  13. E

    Photoshop work efficiency

    Hello. Happy New Year :). Tell me about How to do the following in Photoshop: 1. How to cut one text layer into two layers. For example layer with text: TEXT123 into layers: 1) TEXT and 2) 123 2. How to set the size in pixels of a single image (layer)? 3. How to crop a single image (layer)? 4...
  14. DeJaynes

    Help! Pixelation due to layer effect

    I'm having problems getting rid of some pixilation that's being caused by the layer effects. If I flatten the image I can use the smudge or blur tool but that would be a pain. Any suggestions?
  15. Q

    Specific Move my leg in photo

    Hi, I'd appreciate it a lot if someone can help me to move my right leg closer to my left leg, 1st pic is the orginal pic, 2nd pic is a rough drawing showing how i want the legs to be at. You can change the position of the foot to become more natural, but the main thing is the position of the...
  16. N

    Marquee Tool - Marching Ants Not Showing While Dragging

    While drawing a selection with the marquee tool, the marching ants selection lines aren't showing anymore but do display after I've finished making a selection. They used to display while drawing but all of a sudden stopped. I've tried the following: - restarting Photoshop - resetting the...
  17. C

    Restoration Crest (Coat of Arms) Stamp for Wedding Invitation

    Dear Photoshop professionals, I´m my friends "best man" and he´s marrying in the next 6 months. My friend would love to have his family crest stamped on his wedding invitations but the company creating them needs a higher quality and higher resolution of the crest to create an embossing stamp...
  18. P

    How to make a custom bitmap pattern?

    HI, I have tried few days to find out the answer, but no luck. I use Photoshop CC. I managed to make and apply a pattern but it does not scale according to light and dark areas. Cloud1- orig image Cloud 2- Photoshop pattern which scales accoring to grayscale Cloud3- Pattern I made but it does...
  19. J

    Paid Help fix photo please

    I would like the tail of the fish to be added, so you would have to lengthen the pitcher and add one in. Having the over all quality of the pitcher lighting, blur etc fixed too would be great too. Thanks for your time and let me know how much you would want for doing the job if possible👍
  20. G

    Retouch Text Remover on Jersey

    Can anyone remove the front and back Text.. I need it rn tyy!!