help appreciated

  1. E

    Photoshop work efficiency

    Hello. Happy New Year :). Tell me about How to do the following in Photoshop: 1. How to cut one text layer into two layers. For example layer with text: TEXT123 into layers: 1) TEXT and 2) 123 2. How to set the size in pixels of a single image (layer)? 3. How to crop a single image (layer)? 4...
  2. DeJaynes

    Help! Pixelation due to layer effect

    I'm having problems getting rid of some pixilation that's being caused by the layer effects. If I flatten the image I can use the smudge or blur tool but that would be a pain. Any suggestions?
  3. Q

    Specific Help to move my leg in photo

    Hi, I'd appreciate it a lot if someone can help me to move my right leg closer to my left leg, 1st pic is the orginal pic, 2nd pic is a rough drawing showing how i want the legs to be at. You can change the position of the foot to become more natural, but the main thing is the position of the...
  4. N

    Marquee Tool - Marching Ants Not Showing While Dragging

    While drawing a selection with the marquee tool, the marching ants selection lines aren't showing anymore but do display after I've finished making a selection. They used to display while drawing but all of a sudden stopped. I've tried the following: - restarting Photoshop - resetting the...
  5. C

    Restoration Crest (Coat of Arms) Stamp for Wedding Invitation

    Dear Photoshop professionals, I´m my friends "best man" and he´s marrying in the next 6 months. My friend would love to have his family crest stamped on his wedding invitations but the company creating them needs a higher quality and higher resolution of the crest to create an embossing stamp...
  6. P

    How to make a custom bitmap pattern?

    HI, I have tried few days to find out the answer, but no luck. I use Photoshop CC. I managed to make and apply a pattern but it does not scale according to light and dark areas. Cloud1- orig image Cloud 2- Photoshop pattern which scales accoring to grayscale Cloud3- Pattern I made but it does...
  7. J

    Paid Help fix photo please

    I would like the tail of the fish to be added, so you would have to lengthen the pitcher and add one in. Having the over all quality of the pitcher lighting, blur etc fixed too would be great too. Thanks for your time and let me know how much you would want for doing the job if possible👍
  8. G

    Retouch Text Remover on Jersey

    Can anyone remove the front and back Text.. I need it rn tyy!!
  9. U

    Tips for making this merge feel realistic?

    Hey all, newbie here. I'm making a book cover for my mother, and so I want it to look as good as I can get it. With the images I'm merging together into one picture I'm really struggling to make them all work together. It just looks extremely... Photoshoped haha. Does anyone have tips on why it...
  10. N

    Specific Please could you make a grainy photo somewhat clearer?

    I’m hoping this is allowed. If not please remove. My Aunt and Uncle were victims last month of theft and a lot of stock stolen from their shop. With not much luck in finding these two people. We have got a photo from their shops cctv. They have got permission to put there own ads up with hope...
  11. V

    Specific Please fix this photo (the memory of someone's parents)

    Hi all, My Director Sir is an old man in his sixties. I visited his home and found the picture of his parents. He told me that it was their only picture which he has now. He also expressed a wish that it would have been great if the picture was good in colors and sharp enough, so that he could...
  12. C

    Specific Wedding Photo Help

    Hi There, I have been recommended your forum by my sister, who you really helped out last year with her wedding photos. Unfortunately, the group photos of me, my groom and his family at our wedding did not come out. We have a photo of us and my sister-in-law, and a photo of us with my father &...
  13. M

    Specific [Specific] Hi guys, can anyone photoshop a photo for my grandma's funeral?

    Hi there, Can you remove the two children seated on my grandparents laps as my mom wants to use this photo of my grandma and her husband at her funeral... but.. they had way more children not featured in the photo and you know how family members can be! All you help very much appreciated,
  14. notthatbro

    Specific Open his eyes

    Hi, can someone please open my friends eyes in this picture? I added 2 reference photos so you can get an idea of his eyecolor. Please help and thank you
  15. R

    Specific Please could I have help changing a background colour?

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me change a background colour for a peice of course work I am presenting :) I would like help altering the background of this image...
  16. K

    Specific In desperate need to impress mother in law!! Please help!!

    Hello everybody, My name is Karel from the Netherlands. I'm a beginner in Photoshop with an old macbook and CS5 (no oil paint filter ) in desperate need of your advanced skills and kindness. I would like to impress my mother in law by giving her the perfect christmas presents. She has three...
  17. vladitan

    Illustrator question

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to do this shown on 15:59 to 16:12 seconds. I cannot figure out what is he doing. Maybe he uses some kind of shortkeys. Thanks in advance. Here is the video
  18. T

    Specific Need Help with a Logo

    hi guys! I'm launching a new website soon, it is my first website and I've tried to make a logo with a program online but I don't really like it especially cause it doesn't fit in most social media profiles pics. Can you please help me with a new logo? I'm gonna attach the logo that I made and I...
  19. D

    Specific Historian in Need of Help

    Hello, I have an old map of Lima (the capital of Peru) which am I going to use to mark certain locations. However, the quality of the map is pretty bad. If you zoom in on certain parts of the map, it gets worse. I was wondering if someone could make it black and white, delete the lines...
  20. C

    Image Quality Enhance HELP!

    Hi Guys, first post in here is I feel a bit cheeky but I massively need some help! I recently started my own clothing company and decided to go for the highest quality print which is screen printing, however my images are according to the printers are not as high quality as they could be, they...