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help appreciated

  1. J

    Composite of my daughter riding a unicorn.

    So this is what I wanted to do, I tried to do it myself but I suck. I was trying to put her riding the unicorn, so I cut her out and flipped her facing the other way. But I couldn't, it looked horrible. If anyone can do this, or even better, anything cute or badass of her riding a unicorn...
  2. D

    printing size problem

    Right so I don't know where I am going wrong? maybe there is a box that's ticked that shouldn't be I have no idea!! I am wanting to print a canvas on my Epson stylus prom 9800. I am wanting to print a 10 x 10 with a bit to wrap around so I select my canvas size as 13 x 13 and my image size as...
  3. J

    Hair Color Change Problem (Blonde --> Silver/white?)

    I recently did a photoshoot with my friend. She has blonde hair but to go along with the theme of the photo, I really want to change her hair color to a white-silvery color. I've been on photoshop for 3 hours now trying to change it but no matter how many different things I've tried it always...
  4. benftaylor

    Can someone remove the background on my logo please?

    Hi all Need someone the remove the backgrounds completely on these images PRETTY PLEASE i keep trying but get a thin pixel layer of white around the lettering which looks awful! (On the phone i still want the screen white just the background to the overall image gone)
  5. J

    Hello;) Advice / Direction required to help 'lift' a 'flat' illustration quickly

    Hello all, I am new to this group. I've had an illustration produced for a client. It was rather complex so decision was made to make it tonally very similar. All well and good, however client has shared it with his customers and the comment came back that it was a bit flat. Client said change...
  6. K

    How to use opacity settings to create a composite imgage?

    Hi! I'm new! I'm creating a composite image of 7 faces. They are each on a different 'Normal' layer. I want them to all be represented equally but the top layers are more prominent than the bottom. How much do I have to adjust the opacity levels to change this? I know I can use 'multiply' to...
  7. M

    need assistance creating an image

    i want an image that has all of the eeveelutions, darkrai, shiny ninetales, and pikachu. i am trying to create a custom playmay for pokemon/magic the gathering, and i will be using this image for that playmat. i am a novice at the photoshopz,and that is why i have asked the public for help...