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printing size problem


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Right so I don't know where I am going wrong? maybe there is a box that's ticked that shouldn't be I have no idea!!

I am wanting to print a canvas on my Epson stylus prom 9800. I am wanting to print a 10 x 10 with a bit to wrap around so I select my canvas size as 13 x 13 and my image size as 10 x 10...is that right? I then go to print and its printed a few inches smaller and its right on the end of the roll of the canvas print so theres not enough to wrap at the bottoms. Who I bought the printer from had photoshop and he printed a canvas to show me that the printer worked. On his screen was a template of the canvas (36 inch roll) on my screen I just get a box also on printer settings not sure if that's right!!!

I know there are photoshop experts who could do this with their eyes closed...please help!!

Tom Mann

Unfortunately, I don't own any recent Epson printer, so I don't know what their software looks like these days, but from the last time I owned one (ie, around 5 years ago), I remember their software doing odd things, and the way I fixed it was to always print directly from Photoshop, including letting PS manage the colors (but installing a color profile for the printer), and all was well. You might give that a try.

BTW, from your description of what you were seeing when you purchased the printer (eg, something that looked like a template), my guess is that the seller was printing from PS, LR or some other program that offers such features. Consistent with your experience, I also don't remember the Epson driver software offering that option.

With respect to running out of canvas for the bottom of the print, don't forget that a lot of extra canvas / paper is needed to keep the canvas/paper on the feed and guide rollers, so you have to include this extra material in the total amount you have available to feed the machine. This should be explained in the instruction manual for the printer.

Tom M