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  1. M

    Help Me Print Without ColorSync

    I'm trying to print a photoshop file on my Epson xp-970. This warning pops up: In photoshop printer manages color is selected because that is what I want. In the printer dialogue box there are no options for color management or anything related to color. In the drop down menu I have Media...
  2. E

    Scripting Script to ask which Printer to use

    Dear All, I am running a batch action that prints all opened documents. I have several printers, so ideally it would ask me which printer I want to use before executing the action. Can this be done with a script ? So ideally, I would click Automate > Batch > Play > "Print All" and then it...
  3. E

    Actions Problem with action printing multiple jpgs

    Dear All, I have a problem. I have 10 open jpgs in Photoshop and I would like to run an action to send them all to my printer. The action does send them to the printer, however, the printer only prints parts of each file. When I manually send the open jpgs to my printer, one by one, the...
  4. A

    Which profile to choose for 80gsm office paper while printing

    Greetings I would like to print images with Canon ip4600 printer on an a4 80gsm copy/office paper. I use photoshop cs5 so what should the icc colour profile be to print. i have tried to print with glossy a6 paper but i get an yellow shade. thus i plan to make the a6 image into a pdf ,and print...
  5. A

    Print out of place

    Hi to everyone, i am trying to print a document borderless in a photo paper 4x6" i did make a stroke, but the paper photo a have gor some reason the size is 4x6.5" and when i print it, just print 4x6 leaving a space on the botton, if i change the document on photoshop to 4x6.5 the stroke print...
  6. D

    printing size problem

    Right so I don't know where I am going wrong? maybe there is a box that's ticked that shouldn't be I have no idea!! I am wanting to print a canvas on my Epson stylus prom 9800. I am wanting to print a 10 x 10 with a bit to wrap around so I select my canvas size as 13 x 13 and my image size as...
  7. mikecox

    Ps Printer options

    In a bygone day I remember being able to import my hp scanned images directly into Ps. Something happened; I got a new printer or something and I was forced to use my flash drive to scan images to. I put off setting it back up for so long that I think, maybe the option isn't even available any...
  8. T

    PS cs5: Very large files converted without losing quality/300 dpi for PDF Printer Req

    I have some 200 meg psd files that need to be 30 megs in PDF format with fonts embedded. This is what the printer company requires. My file doc width & height cannot change. I have the complete Adobe Master Suite if another program would achieve the goal easier. Youtube links welcome. Also, I am...
  9. hershy314

    Why is it doing this?

    I tried printing a photo of my nephews for my mom but it's not coming out right. I know there is plenty of ink cause I just put new ink in the printer a couple months ago and I don't do much printing. As you can see from the photo there is something just not right. When I put the ink in, it...
  10. A

    New Member intro and question

    Hello from Arizona! I'm a new member of this forum and have been a Photoshop user since the late 90's. Being a fine art printmaker who prints my own work for my Studio, I recently upgraded from Photoshop CS3 to Photoshop CC. I'm doing some Landscape photography with a Gigapan Epic 100 auto...
  11. S

    Printing DPI What PPI?

    I am getting a large poster printed. The place I am getting it printed says the printer is 150dpi. What PPI should I use for my image? I have tried to upload a image that is 150PPI and it gave me an error saying invalid file type. 72PPI and 144PPI worked though. Is there someway of working out...
  12. A

    CS5 won't remember printer settings

    I am finding this problem on other forums too. File settings have been moved to the printer settings. Each time I go to printer settings and specify the paper (heavy glossy in this case) and/or number of pages to print... I get only one page printed. Each time must reprint AND reset the...
  13. J

    Printer settings

    Could someone explain to me when i go to print preview what settings are advised for colour management or output source space print space What relevence are these to the actual printer settings. I have a Epson PX720WD printer