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Print out of place


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Hi to everyone, i am trying to print a document borderless in a photo paper 4x6" i did make a stroke, but the paper photo a have gor some reason the size is 4x6.5" and when i print it, just print 4x6 leaving a space on the botton, if i change the document on photoshop to 4x6.5 the stroke print out the place horrible, i did try i think everything i know but can make my printer and photoshop to printe the stroke on the edges of the photopaper, hope you guys can help me and hope you understand me, thanks
I have no idea if I've understood this or not but suffice to say something has got to give in this situation.

Your original image is in the ratio 1:1.5, whereas your output ratio is 1:1.625.

In order for the image to fit within the new ratio you will have to either re-sample the image to fit the new height, or transform the image to the new height.

Once you have done this you will then need to crop the image width, (or just accept the fact that you'll lose some image down the sides).

Either way, you cannot fit the image into the space without cropping some pixels off, or living with some area of white.

Let me try to explain better, see the pic? On the package of the photo paper the size is 4x6 but when i messure it is 4x6.5" (kodak) on photoshop is no there such a 4x6.5" size, so i pic 4x6, everything is ok, 'till i print it, if i make a 4x6 document and i make a stroke like the picture, will be printed as you see, and if make the document 4x6.5" the stroke will be printed worts than that, so my question is simple, is there any way that i can fix that? Hope you understand this time, thanks for reply
I don't know what printer you have, but some printers simply can not print right up to the edge of the paper in the direction that the paper is fed through them, so they allow a small amount of extra paper in that direction for the rolers and other parts of the feed mechanism to touch the paper to move it through the printer.

You should read the manual for your printer, and if my guess is correct, all you have to do is print your image as a 4x6 and then, after the print dries, trim it from 4" x 6.5" down to 4" x 6" using a standard paper cutter. These come in many different sizes and with different types of blades, and are available from office supply stores as well as art, crafts, and photography stores. Also, some papers have perforations to allow one to easily tear off the excess paper. I feel that the resulting edge is not as clean as one done using a proper paper cutter, but that's up to you.

Please let us know if this solves your problem or if I haven't understood your problem correctly.

Tom M
You have confirmed that I did understand you correctly.

As I explained before, your image ratio and your output ratio are different so you have to decide whether to live with that gap at the bottom of the print or lose some image from either side......you cannot fit a 4x6" image onto 4x6.5" paper without some compromise.


Here is a link to a discussion of the use of the extra half inch on HP's 4" x 6.5" photo paper:

In HP's case, the stated reason for the extra half inch is to allow the user to be able to pick up the print before it dries, but, as I recall, the extra half inch was also used by some printers to allow the exit rollers an ink-free place to contact the print. As the above article points out (and I mentioned in my previous post), some of these types of papers have perforations, whereas for those without perforations, the user is expected to trim the excess away with scissors or a paper cutter. On all of these, you print as if it was an ordinary 4x6.

Tom M

PS - Atre : By any chance, is this the paper you have? http://www.amazon.com/Kodak-8887713-Premium-Picture-Sheets/dp/B00006IRTY

yes thats the paper, thanks for everything, i was thinking to leave the extra half like that (blank) but my wife asked me to do a stroke all around, there is when i notice the paper has half in extra, and wanted to use that extra half, is ok for me if i can print it loosing some quality, just dont know how, otherwise have to cut the extra half, can you help me step by step how to do te first (using all the paper loosing some quality)?
Ps: printer is a brother MFC-J435W, im no sure if your teory on the roller os same printer sometimes use that extra half, as you can see on this sample, this happen when i change the size on photoshop, i notice on the last step before photoshop send to print, the windows where you choice printer settings, there is where i need to move something, but i try with no luck


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The extra half inch is meant to be removed. If you wanted 4 x 6" prints without going through this extra step, and if your printer is able to do borderless prints at that size, you should have purchased ordinary 4x6 paper ( i.e., without the xtra half inch).

if u want to try to use the full area of this 4 x 6.5" paper, then you need to crop your images so that they all have this aspect ratio. If u leave the aspect ratio at 2:3 (which is the same as 4:6 or 1:1.5), then you will run into the problems that MrToM described so well. It is not just an issue of losing quality. If you stretch a 4x6 to 4x6.5 (which can be done), you won't like it because people will look fat.


Tom M