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  1. G

    Time lapse in duplicated window for digital drawing

    I am trying to make a time lapse of my drawing without all the annoying zooming in and out that happens if I recorded the original window. Basically I duplicate the window that I am drawing in by going to window - arrange - new window for and then the name of the current project. I move the...
  2. arc.angle_radius

    How to create this text effect?

    How to create this text color contrast change effect as it overshadows or crosses the boundary of another object? Let the picture do the talking. Focus on the region of interest as bounded by the red rectangle. How do I achieve this without doing the toilsome and inefficient way? And for the...
  3. K

    Filling a stroke with an image

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I hope this is the right place to ask "how do I " questions. I've tried googling, but perhaps I'm not hitting on the right search words. I am trying to make a stroke, in this case of a triangle using the polygon tool, with a white "stroke line" and a transparent...
  4. B

    Having trouble with my brush stroke being jagged looking?

    Hello, I've been searching for a while now to resolve an issue with my stroke being jagged/pixelated looking. I figured it was my brush spacing but I constantly try to turn it from 25% to 1% and it does nothing. I only recently started having this issue. What I'll do is I'll use a regular solid...
  5. E

    Round corners

    I stroke a text but its corners are rounded how can i do it not rounded?
  6. A

    Getting ridges on lines. Not sure why.

    So after my last thing about grids/guides, I managed to complete what I was doing. After completing it, I noticed some lines were not straight, sharp. I'm using CS3 and those boxes were created, specifically those lines, via stroke in blending options. I used a shape tool to make the square...
  7. N

    how to split/angle multiple pictures?

    This seems somewhat simple to make but i don't know how to split a photo up into fours or trios -- then angle the photos. It looks like the end of each picture at the angle has a blended colorless stroke? how do i complete that? Thank you.
  8. X

    unable to rotate a selection

    Hi, i selected an individual in a layer and I cannot rotate it. Only the stroke is rotating. I attached a printscreen. Thank you in advance for your answers
  9. Rekov

    How to create a brush that becomes more porous/distressed on lighter strokes?

    I hope you will bear with me a little, since I'm not entirely sure how to phrase what I'm asking for. I know how to use dual brushes to create some nice effects, but I am not going for dual-brush with pen pressure for transfer. What I want is a brush that gets more distressed/porous looking...
  10. chrisdesign

    3D Steam City

    In this exercise I tried to learn to construct the pipes with Bezier curves. The handles of the tool are quite different from Photoshop's pen tool, and it's much more difficult to work with it in the 3D space. But once you have a "path" of your pipe around your object, you can fill the stroke...
  11. L

    Sometimes stroke produces outline, sometimes not.

    I like a 4-pixel black rule around photographs. Unfortunately, I don't always get one. Here are the settings in the stroke dialog box: 1. Select/highlight the background layer. 2. Press CTRL+A. 3. Go to Edit>Stroke 4. Set width to 4 pixels. 5. Foreground color is black. 6. Location is INSIDE...
  12. M

    how to create a border around a logo

    Does anyone know how to achieve this type of look with a logo I'm making the DJ one, I'm thinking maybe by adding a stroke but not sure ? if anyone can help with a step by step
  13. S

    How do I duplicate this text effect?

    How do I duplicate the effect of the red layer under the text? I've gotten my text as far as the white outline (stroke) but I'm lost how to create the red layer beneath (I tried to duplicate the text layer and add stroke but it didn't look like this). Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  14. gedstar

    Lazy Nezumi Pro

    Not sure if anybody has come across this before, but I'm actually amazed at what it can do to your brush stroke. Only started playing around with it and it's got plenty of features to play around with. Image below is me writing my name with a normal brush, as you can see it's not the best, but...
  15. 2

    Illustrator Cut where the vertical white stroke is, how do i do it?

    Hi I'm getting gray hair of this problem in Adobe Illustrator :shocked: I'm making a logo in Illustrator - i have a problem and want to cut where the blue line is illustrated in the picture or cut where the vertical white stroke is, how do i do it? Extra info the vertical white line is a...
  16. L

    "Select a path in the paths pallete" - how to?

    I'm trying to learn how to "storke" a path. First, I define a path (using the pen tool) consisting of only two anchor points (both corners), and Photoshop draws me a thin line between them with little squares on top of each ot the two points. Now, I want to "STROKE" this line with one of the...
  17. M

    New member

    Just registered. Just opned photoshop again after 1.5 years. Hope to learn anew after a stroke that left me almost blind :(
  18. N

    My dad died

    I know that the internet is not always the nicest place, but I'm really hoping there is someone out there that can help. I had a great relationship with my dad and am very lucky for the years I had with him before he passed away. However, my brother and father's relationship was always rocky at...
  19. A

    Print out of place

    Hi to everyone, i am trying to print a document borderless in a photo paper 4x6" i did make a stroke, but the paper photo a have gor some reason the size is 4x6.5" and when i print it, just print 4x6 leaving a space on the botton, if i change the document on photoshop to 4x6.5 the stroke print...
  20. N

    Dry Brush Stroke Help

    Hey, I am designing a logo for a band and am looking for a way to get a semi-realistic looking brush stroke effect. I have the paths made for where I would like the strokes to go, but have not found a satisfactory method of creating the actual strokes. To be clear I have downloaded photoshop...