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  1. N

    Delete Stroke color

    Hi, how to create a stroke with no fill and create a gap like in text "who has" so that if the background color is green its visible around the text instead of a black. I want to delete stroke and leave a gap in between. I know how to do it in illustrator but want to do the same effect in...
  2. 7

    How to Create Pinstriped Text??? (Line within font, centered throughout each letter)

    Hi guys, I'm trying to create something like this. .... Where the font has a line right in the middle of it. I can't figure out, using "stroke" doesn't create an effect like this. If anyone could post general steps to accomplishing this, that would be outstanding. Thank you, Blake
  3. starbird

    Photoshop edit commands grayed out

    I was supposed to send a July 4th sale newsletter this morning but the Edit commands are grayed out and I have spent the entire day trying to find the fix with not one single reply from any forum or person. It will now be late and I don't know what to do. Does anyone know how to make the...
  4. J

    Can anyone figure out what I did?

    What brush settings does this? Hello, I'm a noob to photoshop. I was tooling around with it and created something I like by drawing a circle, using the path and stroking the path with a brush I had manipulated. I liked and went to do it again with some other text (not in the picture) but can't...
  5. M

    Help with Photoshop's stroke tool

    What would be the right way to make a picture like this,the brush tool is the indicated one? thanks in advance
  6. R

    cannot use filter menu

    thank you. guys i have problem, when i was editing some picture, i try to using brush stroke but it cant access. why ? anybody could help me ?
  7. J

    refine edge problem

    Hi all, when i try to do the refine edge to get the details out from the face left side. it somehow having some stroke problem? can anyone guide me how can i go about it ? i have watch a few videos and follow through the matter but somehow i still getting this stroke problem. sometime when i...
  8. B

    Stroke manually (no blending options), its possible?

    Hello, i want to do my logo. So a need to creat a STROKE on the letter "B" But i dont wnat to use a blend option, because when i increase the size of the font, the stroke desregulate. So i have a B: And i want a stroke, like this: But hwith no bland options. I tryed to duplicate the font...
  9. C

    Confused Rookie

    Hi, So, I'm trying to do this and make it to the 2:45 mark no problem following all instructions exactly. However, when I try to go to Stroke Path it makes the brush path approximately 300 pixels and I have no idea why. I've made sure that the...
  10. G

    Brush not behaving as it should

    Hello Everyone! I am facing a problem with a brush in Photoshop CS6 Portable. I'm using a Wacom Intuos Pro and yesterday I drew a picture. Today I come back to that same picture and when I select it so I can work on it with the same brush, the nuances are gone. Meaning when I give a lighter...
  11. B

    How can I fix the inability to select a "Stroke Path" in CS5?

    Hey guys! I'm completely new to these forums and I made my account just for this question: How can I select a stroke path for my line (read the rest)? I'm somewhat new to photoshop and I've never really dug deep into it. I understand completely what I'm supposed to do and how I should do it...
  12. C

    Why is my stroke pixelated ?

    I have a problem with stroke in PS CS6. (2) When I use stroke on my curve line it looks pixelated and I don't know why ? (1) I did same line before and everything was clean and not pixelated. Here is the zoomed version second one is broken definitely. The problem is only with stroke. It...
  13. S

    Stroke the same as Multi-Color Fill

    Not sure if there is an easy way to do this or not. Lets say I have an image with multi-colors but no stroke. For example lets say the image has hair that is brown, the face is pink, the shirt is yellow, the pants are red and the remaining fill colors are black. I want to add a stroke to...
  14. J

    I need help trying to do this type of Brush effect ?

    I need help trying to do this type of Brush effect ? the red and white brushes strokes going down I like to know what type of brush does this type of effect or what was used to do it ? cause I tried all the brushes the comes with photoshop and I still couldnt come close to making the same brush...
  15. R

    Illustrator Sharpen edges after using effect

    Hi all, I have a question, I applied a grain effect in Illustrator (CS5) to get a metal brushed look, and now my strokes/edges aren't smooth anymore. How can I smoothen my edges again? See picture below, the black is before the effect, the grey after the effect. Many thanks in advance!
  16. B

    Quick question for object square stroke?

    I'm the beginner of photoshop and currently use CS6. I have a quick question, anyone please help on this? I would like to do the stroke around the object like the photo below (the 1st one); there's the square corner stroke around the dress. Could anyone suggest how can i do this type of stroke...
  17. UsaChan

    Path strokes

    Hello, i just want to ask how does one person can do these stroke ends like that. Is there a fast way to do them?
  18. D

    Illustrator 3 color stroke

    Hi everyone im trying to create the border effect in the picture attached, can anyone point me in the right direction. thank you
  19. C

    How do I adjust the Stroke Pattern ?? PS CS3

    I have attached a logo I am working on. I have used the Stroke feature to put the black line around the letter "T". However, no matter which I choose "Inner" "Outter" or "Center" option, the stroke still seems to leave a curved edge to it, as you can see in the photo attached. I would like it...
  20. Q

    Brushes & Pencil Tool do not leave Strokes

    Hi All, I downloaded the demo version of PS5 Extended on to a Mac OSX virtual machine however see an issue when using brushes. When selecting a brush and trying to paint, only the initial location where i clicked the mouse is painted. i.e. if i use a circular brush then all is left behind is...