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  1. A

    seting a stroke path? CS3

    I'm trying to right click and set a stroke path and when I right click to bring up the small menu, stroke path is Greyed out and wont let me select it why is that and how can I change it in CS5 its available in the menu to select instead of being greyed out Please help!!!!!!
  2. malyo

    PSD layer style: 1px stroke adds 2px

    Hello I had quick break while using photoshop, anyways when i got back and done some tutorials, i've realised one thing: When i made for example rectangle shape, and then add a layer style stroke lets say gray with 1 px, then first of all it adds 1 px lighter shadow color around it, plus...
  3. K

    Stroke Path doesn't work. Please help!

    Hi Everyone, First time on the forum, and glad to be here. I can't seem to get the Stroke Path function to work. Here's what I'm doing... 1. Draw path using the Pen Tool on a new layer 2. Ensure I have the correct Brush setting I want 3. Right click the Path and select Stroke Path 4...
  4. G

    Question about getting a "straight edged stroke" around text

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to stroke some text and have a quick question. Whenever I add a stroke to text it never stays straight edged like the text, it becomes more rounded. Question is, is there a way to stroke the text with the edges staying straight instead of rounded without having to just...
  5. S

    stroke path tool is not enabled once line has been drawn and selected

    Hi, this is my first post on here so hi everyone. I'm just having an issue with the stroke path tool, I have drawn a curved line selected all of the relevant setting in the top option bars, I am on the correct layer and am clicking on the line when I want to select stroke path tool but the...
  6. F

    custom stroke

    Hi How can i make an flag, around an logo, like an stroke? Like this ones: http: // http: // Remove the space, after http.
  7. R

    Rotating an image results in a fractured stroke

    PS Version: CS2 Platform: Win7 (64bit) Experience level: newbie I created a polaroid'ish rectangle. I added a 1px stroke around it. I then tried to tilt it with Crtl-t When it was tilted, it resulted in a fractured stroke around the image. How can I tilt the image and keep the stroke intact?
  8. C

    PSCS4 - Stroke path with brush not working

    I'm using Photoshop CS4 Extended, and trying to stroke a path with the brush tool. I've selected the appropriate brush size and hardness, but these settings don't apply when I stroke the path; instead, I just get a large, round, soft stroke. Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.