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Question about getting a "straight edged stroke" around text


New Member
Hey everyone, I'm trying to stroke some text and have a quick question. Whenever I add a stroke to text it never stays straight edged like the text, it becomes more rounded. Question is, is there a way to stroke the text with the edges staying straight instead of rounded without having to just draw a box around it or something?

Here's a picture of what I'm going for, I'm fine with making a box around the text (there are other characters, rounded characters like an "O"), but it would be a big time saver if there was a way to do it quicker.

Stroke in Photoshop is on the left, desired effect is on the right. The letter "i" might be a bad example, however the effect I'm looking for is a stroke keeping the shape of the text rather than rounding itself.


Maybe this will help. Same fonts and same size stroke. Just changed from outside->inside->centered.
Yeah I'm well aware of the inside outside center setting. Was just trying to see if anyone knew a shortcut to an outside outline that was straight.