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  1. L

    can some fix the angle and photoshop persons head

    Someone who can make this picture look straight please .
  2. R

    Photoshop Request!

    Could I have someone photoshop this image to where the guy's teeth look more straight, and just general enhancing? Thanks
  3. H

    I need to sit up straight on my horse!

    I would really, really appreciate if someone could alter my posture in this picture. I need to sit up straight, preferrably leaning a bit back:
  4. R

    Create a mask with a straight but rotated edge

    I am using the stamp tool and need to go up to a straight edge (i.e a picture frame). If I use the rectangular marque tool then use the transform to rotate it, the background rotates with it. I'm missing something... Thank you... Todd
  5. W

    A Boring Once, It should be pretty straight forward though

    A boring one*** I have this image, but i need it to be 2560 x 1440 px without being pixelated before I can use it. Would someone mind stitching together multiple images so that it is the right amount of pixels. I imagine this is really straight forward but for the life of me I can figure out an...
  6. R

    Ocean touch up - remove algae or darker spots

    Hi, looking for any advice - not an actual edit. This shot has some algae or discoloration in the water in many spots, most notably in the bottom third. I've tried a few different ideas with mixed luck. I am wary of a straight clone or heal as it may take some time. Any ideas on how to...
  7. Y

    Straighting vertically an object in photoshop

    Hello everyone! I want to make sure this wacom pen will be straight vertically, that means I will have to rotate it but is there an accurate way to doing so so it will be exactly straight
  8. D

    WHY does Rectangular Marquee tool have soft edges?

    hi PSG Can anybody help me know what i need to press to return the tool to straight edges.
  9. T

    Drawing Straight Lines with Pen Tool

    I have just installed photoshop and have, as an exercise , tried to design the Umbrella Corp logo. I am stuck at trying to make one of those 8 rounded triangle shapes.I have used the pen tool to draw the upper arc but wen I try to sketch a line to the third vertex, I get a curve instead.I...
  10. M

    How do I do this?

    I apologize if this is not the right thread for my question. I am having problems getting my text the way I want it, and hoping someone here can help me out. The lettering in the upper left corner. How can I do this in photoshop? I use CS3. I want my test to align straight across the top...
  11. I

    A little trouble with editing a Mockup!

    Hi all... Was hoping someone could give me a step by step for editing the 'wooden' logo in this mockup. I can do the 'business card' (pretty straight forward) but just can't get my head around the 'wooden cutout'. Any pointers would...
  12. hershy314

    New filter

    Just picked up a Tiffen 52mm UV protector lens filter. I wasn't sure what to expect when it arrived today. I've taken a few test shots outside with it to see what/if any thing would change. I think it changed for the better, but I wanted to get other opinions on it. On the left is without the...
  13. H

    straighten an irregularly curved line

    Imagine the picture posted is a piece of yarn...Is there a way in photoshop to "stretch" this yarn into a straight line. In other words, is there a way to copy the color gradient and apply it to a straight line with all of the relative distances between colors preserved?
  14. B

    Straight Line Warp

    Hi, is it possible to warp a Smart Objects using corners and straight lines in stead of curves? I try to make a map icon in which you can easily replace the image on the map I know how to do this warp with paths by adding anchors, but it won't work with a Smart Object (or a simple image for that...
  15. G

    Question about getting a "straight edged stroke" around text

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to stroke some text and have a quick question. Whenever I add a stroke to text it never stays straight edged like the text, it becomes more rounded. Question is, is there a way to stroke the text with the edges staying straight instead of rounded without having to just...
  16. NeoNirvana

    Straight line issues...

    I'm an illustrator and I've recently migrated to PS from Corel Painter due to the latter's production of crap lately. (still don't understand the point of taking away essential features entirely) Anyway, I'm having issues with, yes, straight lines. I know the bit about holding Shift, but for...
  17. Z

    clicking on a topic with a new post, jumps you straight to that post

    i've noticed, that when i click on a topic with a new post, it puts me on the first page meaning i have to jump to the last page and navigate down to the latest post, it gets rather tedious, i was thinking of something like what IPboard does where you go to the most recent post when you click on...